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    What's the best game made with RPG maker you've ever encountered?

    Oh my goodness, my heart. I'm filled with so much emotion and I don't know what to say :kaocry:. Thank you Mechscapeeeeee!!!
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    Do you play mobile games?

    I used to look down on casual mobile games. I saw games with a certain... sanctity, so I treated my phone like a serious game console, like the 3DS. I wanted to buy serious games on it so I didn't have to lug the heavier device around on commute. I despised games with autoplay. And fast forward...
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    Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    I find it so clever how they reused maps but they could at least make each house's starting point start at a different part of the map T_T NG+ is kind of hard to drag myself through to play... I started with Golden Deer because going with witty Claude seemed more fun than following a political...
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    Your favorite RPG class?

    I'M INDECISIVE! I want to do everything! I like Sword-and-Shields, but I want to DPS with it, not a tank. But I also want to heal my party members out of a pinch. I usually just pick any class that has a sword and shield though XDD (imagine my glee in Monster Hunter though)
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    Anyone played Rune Factory 4?

    I wanted to like it. I liked every Rune Factory before. But... At one point I got stuck at a wall where I just wasn't strong enough. Levelling forging meant making 999 Claymores just to make a better weapon. I didn't have a single waifu that appealed to me. Usually if at least that's there...
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    Unpaid commissioned artwork - Is it ethical for me to use as I please?

    Thank you so much, everyone, for replying to this thread. Most of all, I really do want to, as much as possible, be able to contact the client and finish the commission, but real-life obligations truly are making me desperate enough to consider reselling them, even though it's something I...
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    Unpaid commissioned artwork - Is it ethical for me to use as I please?

    Hey guys, I really don’t want to air dirty laundry, but I needed to get an opinion on this as fellow developers and creators. I finished a huge commission about half a year ago. However, the customer seems to have completely gone off the radar. It’s been a year. Uncontactable in every channel...
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    it Birhtday!!! :DDD

    it Birhtday!!! :DDD
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    Should you release a bad game?

    Release it. You've gotta complete it and release it. Even if it's just on RMW. Completing a game and releasing it gives you a HUGE Gamedev EXP bonus. Even if the content isn't perfect, it's the act of completing a game that does it. You'll see things in new ways. It'll make your next project...
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    Which RPG Tropes Are You Actually Fond Of?

    A pure saving the world fantasy. Dragon Quest nails it. Even after going through other RPGs like Witcher, Etrian, Final Fantasy... Somehow, despite its simplicity, I always eventually have a craving for just a simple 'I want to save the world' with no edginess, no twist or betrayal or funky...
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    Anyone has an airfryer?

    I had an air fryer for a short period of time. Didn't really work. Everything came out tasting so bland. I get that it's meant to be healthy with less oil and all but... a crisp with no flavor is such an odd thing to bite into. Why not get an Instant Pot? One of those pressure cooker...
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    Reasoning and plot holes

    There's nothing wrong with making a player go from place to place over and over again. Resident Evil made use of the various mansion rooms really efficiently and it felt more like familiarising. The most important thing would be the motivations to move.
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    reasons why you think a game should be considered a masterpiece (one of the best)

    It's gotta be a full circle. Every single element in the game links and ties to each other in a loop. That's the single defining trait I see in the games I remember most. All linked up at the end and packaged nicely with the ending.
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    Things that veteran gamedevs do differently from novice gamedevs?

    So I have a Psychology essay I've to write on games, and it's goes something like... Something-something-by comparing processes between experts and novices. I thought it'd be interesting to use Game Design as the subject of my essay, so it'd really help to hear more views on it! What are some...
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    WOII Where's your art thread?

    WOII Where's your art thread?

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