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  1. [TAB] The Tall Adult Body Generator Project (V0.9 Beta released)

    Eagerly awaiting the tall sideview battlers implemented, any update?
  2. Max number of maps in editor

    Just ran a test the max number of maps in MZ is 2000
  3. Max number of maps in editor

    In MV it sounds like it was only 999, is that the case for mz too? I may run out of there any way to bypass this?
  4. RPG Maker MZ - v1.1.0 Update

    Just downloaded from mail 1.10
  5. RPG Maker MZ - v1.1.0 Update

    Wheres the download link for non steam users? Also how does he have the menus black? mine are blue
  6. [Bug] Shadows only appearing in editor

    What's the point of using the shadow pen or having shadows if they only appear in the editor and not ingame?
  7. What Features do you miss/need/wish for?

    Allow us to change the weapon sprite please.
  8. Option to change SV attack animation weapon sprite

    Why are we not given the option to change the sv weapon sprite, using one weapon sprite the entire game seems boring. Am I missing the option or what gives?
  9. Crashes on startup, can't even use the program.

    I literally bought RPG Maker MZ from the Degica Shop and fired it up, put in the product code and worked like once then I tried to fire it up again and it just crashes over and over. What's going on is there a fix for this or can I get a refund?

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Ugh, I may have been cumbersomely eventing a bunch of stuff I could have easily done changing the tileset "Passage (4 dir)" and "Ladder" options. Oops :D
I have no idea why some of the program "splash screen" always on top. E.g, RMMZ loading screen stuck on the top blocking anything I want to do until it fully loaded. What is even the purpose?
One of the secret places in the game.
Had a dream last night that I died -- what a way to start the weekend! :'D

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