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I gave away my Game Boy Advance when I got a Nintendo DS, but I kept all the games for it and the carrying case. I still have all of them! :smile:

It also came with this travel accessory pack:

Game Boy Travel Pak.png
Hello everyone. I plan to post a nostalgic video game commercial tomorrow, but today I wanted to share some of my precious childhood gaming memories with you all if you're interested. Here's the silver Game Boy Advance SP I got for my birthday when I was ten:

My Childhood Silver Game Boy Advance SP.png
Hello everyone, I'm back again! :kaohi:
Uggghhhh. Getting ideas to uphold a YouTube channel is hard.
Just adding the 'mimic' to the demonpot, it moves and boops like mad. Love it, also why does the rtp in MZ not have a pot character? It's like a perfect trap.

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