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  • Well, some fricking nutjob in a van went on a hit and run spree around Cardiff, severely injuring god-knows how many people, including children between the ages of 2 and 7, possibly killing a few people. One of the places was where me and my family lived not so long ago, along a stretch of road we walk down on a daily basis. Glad we moved before that happened. But I feel so sorry for those who were involved. I can't imagine the pain and grief they're going through right now.
    I agree with Master Teddybear as there are some younger members around the forum, The f-bomb is kinda in bad taste and Nutjob still caries the same meaning without it.

    And can I get 5 mins with that guy and teach him what hell is.

    I approve waterboarding him.
    dude update your status, its old + there's kids on the forum.
    Three of my students were hit by cars this year; one had broken about everything and was in the hospital for months before returning to school in a wheelchair. Another was thrown through the air and dies on the scene. She was the sweetest girl you ever knew. She was in my programming class. And a little fourth grader is still in the hospital learning to talk again from an accident three weeks ago. I am so very sorry, NO, and it is just beyond comprehension to do this to people on purpose.
    Hmm, writing some dialogue. Should I write the characters different accents? Apparently it can backfire quite horribly if not done well. >.>
    Ah yeah, I get it now. Just never heard the term before. But yeah, I wasn't gonna use strong accent, like "Shine yor boots guv'nor?" and other typical stereotyping. Just, as you said, sticking to common phrases and shortening of words.
    The Stranger
    Hehehe That sounded pretty funny, I'm a big fan of using slang and dialect in dialogue. I'd more likely remember the character who said "Shine yor boots guv'nor?" than the one who said "Would you like me to shine your boots, governor?" I think it adds a lot of personality to a character. Make your dialect consistent, don't have a character say " 'ave" for the most part, then for no reason have him switch to saying "have".
    I may be able to find that particular section around the interwebz. If I do, I'll let you know :) The book as a whole IS really good, though. My condolensces to the friends and family of PCs Bones and Hughes. It sickens me how people are murdered simply for trying to keep our streets safe. While I have nothing but respect for our Police Force, I really do think they should be granted more power when it comes to dealing with crime.
    Okay, so I'm working on a project. Journey To The Lunar Sea. It's my first project, for any RPG Maker. Got a thread in the Early Project Development, with a good chunk of info and screen shots. Would appreciate some feedback! :D
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Time for the next chance for y'all to affect my advent calendar! Where should Day 7's sprite come from: land, sea, or demon realm? :rwink:
Throné's final boss is weird. He is a guy holding a baby while fighting off attackers. I think his name was Santos. I might be thinking of someone else.
I think I've just about finished fighting the fight with the tileset I was most intimidated by for game jam. No pictures yet, the map isn't presentable, but I think the tileset will work! I'm very relieved XD
Twitch! At it again with more gamedev for a couple hours, followed by some Valheim with my friend. Feel free to drop by~
these 80+ gb updates on several years old games are the absolute worst. I just want to play for an hour or so before bed to unwind. Sorry, gotta spend that time downloading an update. Then my mods will be broken so I'll have to start over or wait for those to be updated to. Is a complete game within three years of the pay to be a beta tester period really to much to ask?

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