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  1. Octopack Battlesystem

    You all have right, i´m very sorry. I think i find a another key. :uwink:
  2. Octopack Battlesystem

    Hi everyone, i use the Octopack Battle Plugin. But i want just like by Octopath that the Shield icon begins Left from the Weakness Icon... yet he started left from the Name/HP. And i need the Buffs/States icon smaller and right from the weakness icon. I hope they can be help :rswt2:? A Sample...
  3. MOG and HK animated Title question

    Hello, i have tried the MOG_mokou Title script integrate with hk animated title screen V1 From MOG i want the Aura and Particle effect. Title BG and Command/menu from HK animated Title. :| But they have an Error: "class definition in method body" (on the line or below.. i don´t know...

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So, I've been wanting to do this randomized logic puzzle in my game for years now. I finally figured out how to do it by using arrays and a few small script calls. It's based on the Einstein Fish Puzzle! :D Though, I have no idea how to actually have the player put in answers.... might start a thread about it.

The projectiles shown in this video are as follows:
1, Basic Triple
2, 30-Degree Arc
3, Randomized Blast Wave
4, 8-way
5, 8-way Double
6, 8-way Slowness
7, 120-Degree Arc Repetitive
8, Projective Triple
9, Split 8-way
10, 2-way Split Randomized Arc
11, HP-MP Split Arc
12, Split Laser
13, Shock
14, Cosine
Drop shadows and water reflections tests in RPG Maker VX Ace

I'm doing a fairy tale project Little Red Riding Hood and the Woodsman. I'm almost done with the demo in my native language and I intend to make a demo version in English as well. I'm just going to use the translator because I don't know the pronunciations very well, I only know how to say "Hey" and nothing else.. :kaoswt2:

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