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  1. dungeon lighting

    Ah yeah, fog of war! thanks, i didnt even knew that is what i looking for
  2. why i should make a game, why game didnt make me?

    why i should make a game, why game didnt make me?
  3. dungeon lighting

    Oh sorry, i just signed up in the forum. And anyway, it is MV. Thanks for the notice!
  4. dungeon lighting

    So i was thinking, is it possible to make some area in one map completly dark before the player reach that section of the map. Like say, the character is in entrance of the dungeon, but there is a passageway to another area in that map, but if the player not yet visit that place, it will be...

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A part of me wants to return back to the beginning and first two chapters and remake them with parallax map. But I have decided not to. Every chapter is just another step in the journey. No need to walk back unless I have to revise dialouge.
Hey guys! Good news!
I just released the Games from Brazil - Part 2 on my Youtube Channel! I am really happy that part 1 had 100 views and I hope more people will be interested to see the potencial of Brazilian Game Devs!
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