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    Can't purchase from store?

    I'm trying to buy the Animations: Quantum from the store, but it won't process my payment. I tried 2 different cards, but each time it just says there is an error? Seems to be working fine anywhere else on the internet, just can't purchase from your site...?
  2. Nohmaan

    Request - status effect Shadowbind

    Nevermind this one, i found a way to do what I wanted.
  3. Nohmaan

    Request - status effect Lucky Immune

    This request is for a status effect that when active, if the player is inflicted with a negative status effect they have a chance (defined in note tag) to have a positive status effect applied instead. The tag could be set up like <lucky_immune:50%> <lucky_negative_states: 3,4,5>...
  4. Nohmaan

    Yep_Absorpion Barrier suggestion

    Liquidize has a barrier status which displays a gauge of how much HP the barrier has remaining on it you may be able to use instead.  (use second link instead)
  5. Nohmaan

    Request - status effect Shadowbind

    This request is for a new status effect called Shadowbind. When executed, a target becomes an anchor and attaches to all remaining enemies on the field.  When damage is done to the anchor, a % of that damage (defined in note tag) is dealt to all attached enemies until the shadow bind effect...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    UH...  When can we get our hands on that sweet RPG2k remake soundtrack?!
  7. Nohmaan

    Helping Hand

    I'm using all the Yanfly scripts, but I think something that might be a fun addition is the random chance that an ally in your reserve party will 'jump' into the battle, cast a skill or ability that person knows, and then leave the battle.  Yanfly has a script for actor...
  8. Nohmaan

    MP3 Player?

    Naturally, Ateiller-RGSS has his out now.
  9. Nohmaan

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Thanks for the info, that's exciting news.
  10. Nohmaan

    Passive Skill

    Yeah, I was a bit surprised that I needed to make weapons to do the passive traits, but it's super simple and works perfectly. For mine, I just expanded the database to 1999 and paired them starting at 1900 so it's easy to manage, no hassle at all.
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Nice!  Any plans to add Subclass functionality?
  12. Nohmaan

    Ratio in skill description

    I would be interested in this functionality as well.  I think the most efficient/best way to accomplish it would be to allow escape codes in the skill description that can pull the actor who own's the skills variables (a.mhp, a.atk, etc.) into a formula.  Usage maybe like below: Deals 80...
  13. Nohmaan

    Weapon/Equip Proficiency Plug In [[SOLVED]]

    I think you could accomplish this already.  Use someone's Plugin that allows you to create custom stats like Make a stat for each proficiency.   Assign values to your characters or classes. Then use the WeaponSkill...
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    List Sort by Rank

    This is pretty useful, good request.  Nice script also guys!
  15. Nohmaan

    SImple Cloud Based Save

     Maybe,I can't speak for the request itself- I guess my comment was less 'can you' and more 'should you'.   It would need to replace the save/load function with one that puts a file on the remote server or gets the file from a remote server.  So, the first time you load or save a new game you'd...

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