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    Ramza's Shield Block Plugin -UPDATED APRIL 3 2019-

    Yayyy, i'll have to re work on that at the first available moment, thanks !
  2. Nol

    Out of combat talents (lockpick, jump, search...)

    I'll look into it, but i'm not comfortable using a plugin to allow another plugin to do what I'm needing, it seems to ask for the compatibility stick as soon as RMMV drops a core update. I'll look into it nevertheless albeit as a last resort, thanks for giving me the option mate
  3. Nol

    Out of combat talents (lockpick, jump, search...)

    I made the Parameters.json, i wrote [ {"abr": "STF", "name": "Subterfuge", "default": 0} ] On actor 1 I added a : <params>STF: (a.mat-10)*0.5</params> Then made a skill whose damage was a.STF Resulted in a 0 (broken formula) I've rephrased the three needs I had : - The talent level must...
  4. Nol

    Out of combat talents (lockpick, jump, search...)

    While this could be a solution, albeit a complex one, it would open new perspectives ; Sadly i'm weary of stacking multiple large plugins from different scriptwriters, and after a day of fidgetting with it, I can't get it to work. Either I fumbled, or have an incompatibility ; The 404 you get...
  5. Nol

    Out of combat talents (lockpick, jump, search...)

    @LadyBaskerville While it is an interesting plugin, my variables will be adjusted by the parameters, which are the ones in turn being affected by item equips. The connexion is much simpler between those. @Trihan That would be lovely thank you. @Zarsla Yeah i mention in the OP trying different...
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    Out of combat talents (lockpick, jump, search...)

    @Wavelength I do indeed need visual updates, and i tried to do that with (mem) and (t), basically my event checks if the value it had in MEMory is still identical to the t time value, and if not, it updates the mem and the value itself. I didn't see a way to do that without constantly...
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    Out of combat talents (lockpick, jump, search...)

    Tl : dr in Bold I'm trying to implement 6 talents (named such a way to avoid confusion with skills) in my game. Said talents should use a user defined base value (chosen at start) and a modifier derived from their stats. I got a way "working" and completely home made, using 3 variables for each...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Collection Thread [21MAR16]

    Damn, i'm going to tripple post. Feels like eons have past since my last problems ! As for my earlier MEV problem, i've made all spells "physical skills" to work with Ve. It cuts me off some cool things, but it works for now, and is easily changeable, if i ever find a way to use the "magical"...
  9. Nol

    Adding a line in Yanfly Damage_Core formula

    Congratulations, you just solved 2/3 of a problem that held me for over a month ! Thanks a lot, it's very satisfying to be unstuck :) Should i keep the thread open for my bonus question (-which doesnt relate-) or leave this one in use ? I'm missing the state that buffs your spd...
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    Adding a line in Yanfly Damage_Core formula

    While this is closer than anything i have ever dreamt of achieving, and i thank you for that, the slight problem is that now the bonus damage isnt modified by the target's physical resistance, (which i was hoping to get by playing with baseDamage). Any idea about that would creating a new...
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    Adding a line in Yanfly Damage_Core formula

    I tried both with and without semi colons (i tried a lot of things, i've been on this for a month) and yeah the bracket is just part of YF's code Im using the a.level instead of user.level, and i get a damage flow error, unexpected identifyer, and this error in statusCore Yanfly.Util =...
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    Yanfly Instant cast

    That apeals to me a an elegant and controlled solution, but it somehow doesnt work for me (the skills are greyed out, always) I did set the state and all Seeing as user._IN is the only thing i don't understant, could it be that ? Should i define it somewhere ? Edit : got it to work...
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    Limiting Instant skills to 1/rd (YF)

    Oddly enough, didn't get a notif for your comment, and indeed, that wins the internet Hadn't seen it before Thanks
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    Adding a line in Yanfly Damage_Core formula

    God this feels so basic yet so hard ^^ I removed user.level in case it was unrecognized, and replaced it with "5" to make checking easier I'm at that now : if (this.isPhysical()) { if (baseDamage > 0 && (user.isStateAffected(93) || user.isStateAffected(94) || user.isStateAffected(95)...
  15. Nol

    Adding a line in Yanfly Damage_Core formula

    Interestingly enough, something CHANGED ! I got a proper adult-like error this time, instead of nothing Damage overflow : EDIT : Using base damage += baseDamage + Math.ceil(user.level * 0.5) Got me a SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

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