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  • Hey! I was just thinking about getting a game together with some base building aspects but I'm still at the beginnings of my project!
    I'd still like to talk about the battle situation and maybe the style of graphical content, other than that I can plot out a storyline in like 5 seconds so that shouldn't be a problem. Anyways if you're interested in hearing more about the game, e-mail me <-snip->
    Please do not use Status Updates for this sort of request, that is not their purpose. They are meant to be much 'lighter' - random thoughts, odd bits of info. This request would be better done in a pm.
    We do not advise Members to put email addresses in public posts/updates. I have removed it. Like all similar sites, we are deep-trawled by bots looking for emails, and you would be drowned in spam, phishing, malware.
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Mad O' Malley... a stick figure that's afraid of it's existence being erased. so they always start battle in an anxious state.
Before, I was drawing all the sprite work, super big and shrinking it down. Which was really time consuming if thing's changed. So instead I'm drawing the characters sketch, and then remaking it with pixel art instead.
Why are job interviews so terrifying. :kaodes:

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