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  1. RMMV Removing Item Event When Another Plug-In Menu Closes

    Hello all, A friend of mine and I are creating a game that utilizes a crafting system (Thank you Szyu for your amazing plug-in). We want to be able to allow others to view the crafting recipes anytime, but only craft the items at crafting stations (not in the menu). The workaround that we found...

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It's my birthday today! Mom and I went to my favorite Japanese restaurant for lunch and they gave me a Japanese dessert as a birthday surprise. Their salad is SO GOOD. Now we're back home chilling!
Game Theory is great to practice and all... but it is zero substitute for playtesting a game and saying, "Am I having fun?".
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Here's this for an idea I might do: A Touhou RPG set in the universe of the Hoi4 mod "The New Order: Last Days of Europe". Expect BurgSys Yukari, the Great Fairy Trial, and funni clock Flandre
The thing I don't like about VRMMORPG anime is that they're unrealistic. I mean, we know we have a lot of ping issues, latency, and desync. Would be funny if you shoot a player and they immediately teleport somewhere because "ha, your internet suck!".

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