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  1. RMVXA [JRPG] Final Fantasy Golden Stories

    hello. now i got this unable to find file Audio/BGM/9. Meeting in the darkness.
  2. RMVXA [JRPG] Final Fantasy Golden Stories

    hello. when you go to claudio kingdom and go to bed in the royal bedroom. you see elia lowil and garnok the game will stop.
  3. RMVXA [JRPG] Final Fantasy Golden Stories

  4. RMVXA [JRPG] Final Fantasy Golden Stories

    hello. i at lilma village got the axe pickaxe fishing rod. where do i go now i use the axe on the tree on the road. it go's away but can not pass.
  5. RMVXA [JRPG] Final Fantasy Golden Stories

    hello. when i go to the elder's cottage. and talk to say unable to find file. Audio/BGM/9.Meeting in the Darknes.
  6. RMMV The Three Visions

    hello. i hope it help.
  7. RMMV The Three Visions

    hello. thanks for getting back to me. how in the game do i take a screenshot and send you.
  8. RMMV The Three Visions

    hello. when i fight tou half way in to the fight i get a error pop up. can't go now. i got 1.08.
  9. RMVX Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

    hello. anyone know where you find golden gems.
  10. RMVX Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

    hello. i lost my save file. i was on level 50 with my main man entering the ice cave. can someone help.
  11. RMVXA SpongeBound: The Attack of Giygas!

    hello. any one know where to go . went u kill the boss in the zoo.
  12. RMMV Card Master

    hello. i at the end big boss fight. any tips.
  13. RMMV Card Master

    hello. anyone know how to kill. wendel and the magma golems. i can kill the magma golems. but no time to kill wendel.
  14. RMMV Card Master

    hello pako. yes can you help me with this. if you can get pass the slug thanks.
  15. RMMV Card Master

    hello. i can't beat the slug. i at level 9 i killed all the monsters. now i can't level up.

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