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  • Just saying something after some misleading message on Dekita's thoughts. :)
    lmao I do that too !!

    I think its 'no sle in ad' :)
    Oh yeah, i answered one of dekitas comments by putting it in my profile, not on his (lol).

    Hehehe, nice to hear my username induces so many feelings. In portuguese its waaay easier to speak, but in english its something like nos lei nad. =)
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You know.. I... I kinda lost my interest in living a long time ago. What sustains me is a lack of interest in dying.
Like a star that is balanced between the forces of gravity and outward pressure, I feel like the energy to produce that outward pressure is weakening. I feel like I should pull a Stardew Valley and revert to a more primitive lifestyle, away from others. :(
made more sprite for the Time passing game that I may or may not actually make. At least now I have a better idea how to make Rtp Walk sprites actually look wrinkly and old, since the Generator doesn't do that.
Well, now all of my Refreshable Events scripts also feature some brand new demos to let people see how easy it is to let the script handle the refreshing of a given set of events. All of this with just one specific script call per event!
Sorry Kitty...I'm practicing my harmonics. RIP your ears.
I noticed they now have a Gremlins cartoon. Nothing like striking when the iron is hot then trying to make a reboot from a movie made 34 years ago.

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