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  • Just saying something after some misleading message on Dekita's thoughts. :)
    lmao I do that too !!

    I think its 'no sle in ad' :)
    Oh yeah, i answered one of dekitas comments by putting it in my profile, not on his (lol).

    Hehehe, nice to hear my username induces so many feelings. In portuguese its waaay easier to speak, but in english its something like nos lei nad. =)
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Is there anyone who would like to resize some of sprites I've got and put them into MV sheet? I'm bad at that kind of things. I want to make a game, but I lack in resources and I'm bad at recolouring them, so my only option was to use a sprite maker from one game (Ive got permission to use it) but these are sprites from VX Ace and I only have MV. So, is there anyone interested in helping me?
Wow! This game looks great! Streaming now :D
Working on a system that allows you to define events in an easy to use text file format!!! Would you use such a thing? 0o
Have my fingers crossed, waiting for a discount sale on MZ on Steam.. Its normally around the corner during Halloween or x-mas season on Steam, if i remember right..

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