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    RMMV Attack Display text in battle screen

    Window_BattleLog displays the action text in battle. You're looking for the function: Window_BattleLog.prototype.messageSpeed = function() { return 16; }; Higher number = slower text
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    How to Update NW.js to Dramatically improve Game Performance!

    Thanks for this guide, KillerGin. I updated my MV to v0.50.2 (the latest/stable) and it works great. Updating also fixes an issue with the Gamepad API (Probably because the newer chromium is using a newer version of it) where it wouldn't properly map the Switch Pro Controllers d-pad or the PS4...
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    RMMV Front View Enemy Attack (Skill) Animation?

    I added this functionality to a project of my own so I have cherry picked the functionality from there and put it into a small plugin for you. (I think this is what you need...) Front View Enemy Animations Plugin (MV) Fairly simple to use, just add <enemyAnimId:X> to the skill and replace X...
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    Nani?! Dragon Quest has an Anime!

    And a game!
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    Am i allowed to make a pokemon fan game

    The hosts of the Essentials Wiki (fandom) and the downloads on there received a C&D but not the maintainer of the essentials kit themselves.
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    Am i allowed to make a pokemon fan game

    While I won't say anything more about the legality of the issue or whether you should even put time into making a fangame, I can say that there is a huge community of Pokemon fan game developers all over the internet. Do some googling and find the right forums, the people who make the games can...
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    RMMV Operating $gameMessage.setChoices()

    This thread might be of some help to you.
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    Getting Equipment

    Change Items command, first page.
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    RMMV Listing Skills or Items from Top to Bottom (instead Left to Right) in Window with 2+ Columns

    Window_SkillList inherits its behaviour from Window_Selectable. In there you'll find the itemRect function which dictates where the items in a window will be drawn (the function is called for each item in the window.) Look at how that function chooses the x and y position of each item and try to...
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    Animated Monsters

    It can be done but it is fairly difficult. It involves adding a state that turns the enemy invisible. Before they attack, you turn them invisible, then play the animation, then turn them visible again. This tech demo: made by RanMaster has animated monsters...
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    an idea that I want to have in the game

    Can you show us how you've set up the events? Your description has me a little confused.
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    Can anyone show me how to use this tool?

    Keep your patch settings as they are in the screenshot. In the "Source Folder" choose the .exe file for rpg maker 2003 (The steam version is usually in program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/rpgmaker2003 and is called rpg2003.exe.) In the "Destination Folder" select a folder where you want...
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    Help: Text Box Sound Effects

    Here's a quick solution I thought of. It's pretty jank though and would require you to know how long each message should play the sound effect for. (in this example I'm using earthquake2 because it's a long sfx) 1. Play the sound 2. Set a variable to how long you want the sound effect to play...

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