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    Monsters Follow Trainer Sprite, HGSS Style (Kinda)

    I think now is an appropriate time to "bump" this.
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    Monsters Follow Trainer Sprite, HGSS Style (Kinda)

    Thank youfor the advice, but yes, I am just using the characers as a shorthand for the plugin. The game will have its own mechanics/monsters/characters/etc.
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    Monsters Follow Trainer Sprite, HGSS Style (Kinda)

    I made a thread looking for help to replicate this effect with other plugins, but I honestly think its best to ask for either an add on to a pluggin or a new one entirely. For this plugin, I would like for their to be a Trainer sprite, like SumRndmDdes pluggin, where there is a seprate sprite...
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    DreamX's Follower: 1st Actor Disapears

    I'm pretty sure I just have to reply to this to "bump" it? Anyway, the issue is a little less important to me now as I realise this probably only something very few people care about, but it still sucks that 4 years in to MV there is very little monster tamer support/plugins.
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    DreamX's Follower: 1st Actor Disapears

    I'm running DreamX's Follower and Battle Member Options above Himeworks Party Leader and below Yanflys Party Manager. This is to create a Digimon World DS effect, where your whole party follows a Tamer, or non battling Actor. As far as I know, the actor should appear, but it is only the party...
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    Extra Pixels on Custom Graphic (Fence)

    Thank you guys for the advice! I manged to fix the error, and the fence looks normal again. I can kinda of understand why the tiles would be set up like that, but at the same time it's a little inconvenient... I appreciate the help very much!
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    Extra Pixels on Custom Graphic (Fence)

    Hi, I'm making custom graphics for my game, yet I've run into a problem where a single fence tat I placed down doesn't look like how it should, compared to the sheet. I'm setting it up as an A tile, or a ground tile. Everything else looks normal, and it doesn't seem to be the set-up that's the...
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    RMMV Pokémon/YokaiWatch Inspired Ideas

    I've had two ideas bouncing around in my head, and I feel like talking about tem will help me prioritize which one to work on first/at all based on general interest .(Both of these names are placeholders and don't actually fit their concepts. Also if I posted this in the wrong thread, sorry!) If...
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    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    The faces are blocky and large, despite trying to look more detailed and human. I would suggest taking some details out or reducing them (latge chins and cranium bumps). The torsos shouldn't have bumps for the abs on them. Other than that, the amount of detail considered is impressive anatomy...
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    How many games should you work on before tackling a huge project?

    How would you go about doing that without getting into development loop? Would it take a lot of planning? I'm personally working on a small project becuase I haven't fully planned out the bigger project.
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    How many games should you work on before tackling a huge project?

    I always hear people say to never have a magnum opus be your first project,but I've never understood exactly how many projects (and their own scale) you have to work on before you can get started. I definetly think the scope of your big project effects this (making a simple turn-based battle vs...
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    ADVICE: Translating Ruby plugin to Javascript

    I'm NOT asking anyone to do any manual translating (if I wanted to do that I would hire someone/learn either one of these languages) but rather, I would like to make a Pokémon (inspired) game using the Pokemon Essentials plugin. I don't know if I can use Opal or other translators and still have...

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