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    JSON Keeping all text centred

    You can do this manually spacing the text, but i guess that's not the answer that you're looking for.
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    How do we handle Cubism Live2d 4.0?

    That's the question. Im thinking about purchasing a Live2d 4.0 license but i'm not sure if VNM handle's it since Live2d 2.1 and 3.0 are not longer available for download. Plus, the template that comes with the DLC freezes when i try to play test it.
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    WEBM Videos not looping correctly

    Hello, Archeia! I just re-converted my webm videos with cloudconvert and the blinking is gone! Smooth loops! IDK what was the problem with my After Effects exporting but im glad thats fixed. Thank you a lot for your help!
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    WEBM Videos not looping correctly

    Thank you for replying, Archeia! Im going to test it out tonight.
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    Multiple videos won't load

    Have you checked the "Z-order" of your videos?
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    WEBM Videos not looping correctly

    Hello! im using the latest beta branch version and videos aren't looping correctly. There's a clearly visible blinking that randomly ocurrs between loops. That's the only bug i've encountered so far, but i think it's a problematic one. Looping videos are a constant resourse on my proyect. (it's...
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    JSON Action Based UI: Toggle Message Box

    Hello Archeia! I'm loving your script so far, but i have to report a problem: If the player constantly clicks the screen while the the message is hiden, after a while it will reappear without the text box. Plus, the first time the player presses the space bar does nothing until it gets pressed...

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