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    RMMV Arrays in Battle Events (updated for clarity and ease of reading)

    First, apologies if this isn't in the right place. It involves plugins, javascript, script calls, and eventing to one degree or another but I remain uncertain as to the best place to post this. If there is a better place please let me know and I'll gladly repost there. TLDR: I'm trying to...
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    Help: Conditional damage formula on crit...

    Thanks for the suggestion. I can think of a lot of interesting applications for that. In addition, after a good deal more searching, I also managed to find this post which has given me a good deal of direction as well. Not sure that it's completely solved my problem, but progress is progress and...
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    Help: Conditional damage formula on crit...

    I'd like to be able to use a different damage formula for a given skill if it crits. I recall once seeing something along the lines of a.result.isCritical() but I have a sneaking suspicion that only applies to VXAce. Currently my formula looks like this: if (b.enemyId() === 8)...

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