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  1. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    Hi There, Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? •I've changed the Handler 'Spiked' to RED and the name red_hair. FILE_HANDLERS ={ # "Handler" => ["Male_File", "Female_File"], "RED" => ["red_hair", nil], • I put the red_hair.png in the Graphics\Composite\Charas folder. • My...
  2. Is there a way to only change hair color?

    I found 1 but it requires script call. Which I do not understand unfortunately :( Character Composite by Neon Black
  3. Is there a way to only change hair color?

    I see, do you by any chance have a link where I could find these? And how to apply them? Thank you, Much appreciated! :D
  4. Is there a way to only change hair color?

    Yes, but how do I add only parts to the character?
  5. Is there a way to only change hair color?

    Hi Guys. I've recently started making sprites for a character. Now I made several different hair and clothes sprites. Is there a way to only change the hair color? As of now I have to make every outfit +hair color in separate.png files. This will be a lot of work depending on the more outfits...
  6. FREE [CLOSED]Phil Alone - Translator

    Yes. Fire away :D
  7. How to NPC bedtime?

    Thanks for the reply. I actually figured it out and was overthinking it before I posted this. All I had to do was set a variable to be active inbetween 7:00-20:00 and trigger the NPCs on this. My next task is to set a timer that counts from a certain time point till end ( pregnancy ) Note: it...
  8. FREE [CLOSED]Phil Alone - Translator

    Would you mind sending me a copy of the text that has to be translated in PM? I am Dutch so can translate for you on my free time. (working + dad of 3 is a busy life)
  9. How to NPC bedtime?

    Hello there. I am kind of new to RPG maker and have a question regarding a time event and NPCs. I made variables to count minutes hours and days. (Every 10 seconds = 10 minutes and so on). Now I am trying to set an NPC to go inside her home aka. bedtime. "Branch > 20(hour)" and "branch <...

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