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  2. Books and scrolls as weapons

    Scrolls are also often used as consumables for their spells (Basically a canned spell as opposed to casting it yourself) while books grant buffs to INT, WIS, MAT, MDF, or whatever other intangible stats you're using, along with potentially adding an element to your attacks. I've also seen both...
  3. Vehicle Switch - Bridges

    I had almost this exact problem once. Here's one way to do it: Set the bridge up as a three page event. Page 1 has no conditions, is the same priority as the player, and triggers on player touch. Have it check what direction the player is facing. If the player is facing to cross the bridge...
  4. Attempting My First Smithy

    So problem one is that it should be a.atk, not a.attk (unless you typo'd here). After that I'd say to check your evasion and accuracy rates first, and anything beyond that is beyond my (limited) abilities.
  5. K.O. Moves & Bosses

    There's the lore route, e.g. certain vital points being in different locations on different enemies, which could theoretically extend to "it's not immune because it's a boss, it's immune because trees don't have carotids to slice." This effectively makes it "Sure, we could theoretically...
  6. How to stop parallel events

    Secondary event page tied to a switch should do it.
  7. Looking for Chinese, Japanese, Korean styled tileset

    1. You realize that those are three wildly different styles and there's not going to be a catch-all, right? 2. I know there's at least a few Japanese tilesets in the store.
  8. How Would You Handle "Finesse" & "Versatile" Weapons?

    The fencer in one of my games pulls damage from her AGI a lot... As for versatile, I'd say about 1.5x. The weapon still ultimately has the same weight behind it, it's just applied differently.
  9. RMMZ Escape Penalties for Combat

    I know you can do it with scripted encounters by eventing whatever it is under "if escape," but I'm not sure how to do it for random ones...
  10. RMMV Protect skill - Yanfly Plugins and Olivia Octobattle battle system

    You could probably do this without a plugin even. Just create a state that lasts for one turn and raises defense impossibly high, another one that does the same for MDF, and a pair of skills that apply one each.
  11. RMMV Looking for Ideas for Traps

    Here's some more for you. Flash Grenade - Inflict Blind/Daze/Stun/Confusion Camoflauge - Evasion Up Perfect Camoflauge - Evasion Up All Distraction - Target Enemy Accuracy Down Human Target - Evasion Sharply Increased. Taunt. Pestilence - Sicken Target Enemy. Acid Trap - Elemental Damge. Light...
  12. Skills or States for Merchant Class

    Class State: Fire Sale The Merchant can use two items on their turn instead of the typical one. As for skills... I'm mostly picturing buffs and support skills. A healing move based on the game's cheapest potion, a mana boosting move based on the cheapest MP Potion, buffs based on the temporary...
  13. RMMV Randomized plot points

    Alternatively, anybody know any where the tie-in mechanic looked good on paper but failed in a specific way that can be learned from?
  14. RMMV Randomized plot points

    I actually find myself disagreeing with the suggestion to make the variations player-dependant, but that's porbably more than slightly colored by my annoyance with games that hype up the player's ability to choose their own path and then actually playing through shows those choices to have been...
  15. Bridge Help Needed

    Got it working, thanks for the help everyone! All the bridges I saw everyone else do like this were of the "always there" variety, so I'm gonna go ahead and put what I did here.

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