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  1. fantastic-buildings-medieval-eula.doc missing from Steam DLC

    Please accept my apology. Newby. I couldn't figure out how to delete my post after I had made it. If you can, please do so. Thank you for setting me straight.
  2. fantastic-buildings-medieval-eula.doc missing from Steam DLC

    Asking the question assisted me in answering it myself. I wanted to know about the free character generator link that is supposed to come with certain Medieval tile set packs. I had purchased the bundle from Steam, and none of the folders contents included the link. It's available here on the...

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Okay, that's the best I can do. Looks a little strange but..err.. it's my style, yeah, very original style..
being an extreme introvert with massive anxiety... I forget this is really, REALLY frustrating for people who are the exact opposite. still, wait this out and stay home...
I hope you all are keeping safe. <3 If you need a shoulder or an ear, I have two of both and am more than willing to listen & support you! Times are weird.
My dad, super frustrated by seclusion, asking me how I live like this. I shrug. "It helps to not like what is outside."
Apparently it's not just people who are hit by corona virus. My phone has set itself to English language on its own. Not that I'm complaining... :D

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