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  • "Will my art ever be good enough to be used in a game rather than generator faces?" - The title of my autobiography. orz
    Shiroi Akuma
    Shiroi Akuma
    Doch werden sie! :) Die Gesichter vom Generator schauen standardmäßig alle raus aus dem Bildschirm, weil ohne Plugin sind die Gesichter links auf dem Bildschirm und wenn man die Datei vom Generator nicht spiegelt gucken diese ebenfalls nach links. Außerdem sieht man das es diesen an Abwechslung in Form von Proportionen etc fehlen.
    Jup, das ist mein Problem. :') Der Generator ist ok für die sprites (denn ich bin wirklich schlecht im spriting haha), aber für die Portraits reicht er mir nicht wirklich. Aber mein eigener Stil sieht dem des Generators nicht sehr ähnlich, daher ist mischen auch schlecht... u_u,
    But back to English now, since I think we're supposed to only speak English here, right?
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Glad to announce:
Released a plugin mod for MV: SelectMultipleTargets v3.0 (mod of original by Zevia)

port to MZ is following

1,Randomly generate events with planted spawner events(great flexibility for customization and auto-match player's level)
2,Randomly enter roguelike dungeon
3,Player can exit dungeon or back to town or choose to challenge BOSS at the end of each dungeon
4,Dungeon maps can be randomly generated by a third-party tool
Got locked out of the house yesterday... best friends who had the spare ghosted me. Locksmith had to literally drill thru the lock bc they couldn't pick it. Whole process took 4 hours and far too much money. And they have to come back next week bc they don't have the right cylinder, cause it's an old interlocking lock. I'm livid lol
 I’m probably going to regret this, but I need kobolds for my project and I’ve decided to sprite them myself. This is Attempt #1, front view only.

It's a shame that Selection Control will not be ported to MZ. I found a neat way of using it to enable ways for tanks to protect squishies. lol

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