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    [SOLVED] Action Button Events Occasionally Skip?

    So setting the tinting event as a parallel process was creating the lagging on the other events. After setting it on autorun and putting a erase event at the end it solved everything! Thank you to my friend for helping me out! <3
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    [SOLVED] Action Button Events Occasionally Skip?

    So I created a fresh new project to create a prototype on. There's only rpgmaker's default assets, 2 maps, and these plugins. So the problem as the title states is some of the events I set as action buttons so the player character can interact with objects will occasionally skip. Several...
  3. numituwi

    Victor Engine Character Control but for MV?

    Woah! That's really cool IV! This sounds what I'm looking for actually, will test it out. Appreciate it! :kaojoy:
  4. numituwi

    Victor Engine Character Control but for MV?

    Just because I'm curious, if I were to commission something like this can someone give me an estimated price point so I can save up? I think a lot of artists can get use out of this!
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    I got really lucky and managed to purchase one at retail price on Best Buy when it was in stock...

    I got really lucky and managed to purchase one at retail price on Best Buy when it was in stock for 20 minutes. It's nuts.
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    Victor Engine Character Control but for MV?

    Good afternoon everyone! :kaohi: I've been waiting for a few years for Victor Engine Character Control on VX Ace to have a MV equivalent but I figured it wasn't in demand. Essentially I want to be able to categorize animations with a call rather than doing everything manually through move route...
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    Plugin for Holiday Events?

    Happy Holidays everyone! Isn't this exciting? :kaoluv: Apologies for the post, I am on a kind of a hangover and an idea brewed in my head with Christmas being tomorrow... Is there a plugin for Holiday events? Like where you can make events occur tied to a player's computer clock? Thank you...
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    The optimal message box width!

    EDIT: How embarrassing, my images had the wrong width numbers! Fixed them though Hey there! This is all based on personal preference/observation but what I notice is having your text box be "square-ish" compared to your 16:9 window screen typically looks the best. Though I think if you're...
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    Question about copyright using pixel art

    Unless you're taking the actual sprites and modifying them or tracing them, Nintendo won't do anything to your original work. However, if you're basing it on a property like a few pokemon fangames in the past then they will probably get onto you so keep that in mind.
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    Hiding Pictures behind Irina Visual Novel Busts?

    Good morning everyone! :kaohi: My friend recently bought me the Visual Novel Busts plugin as a early Christmas present! :kaoluv: I've been tinkering around with it this morning and I'm pretty pleased, but there's an issue that messes a bit with my game's aesthetic. (Note that the bust sprite...
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    Using custom sound

    Definitely use .ogg files. They take up less space on the engine too and typically don't cause trouble.
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    Best Way To Implement "SFW" Setting?

    Thanks for the suggestions! I didn't even consider having it in the intro, that's so simple! :kaojoy: And that's true too! Just remembered that SRD Super Tools is perfect for that. Thanks again!
  13. numituwi

    Using custom sound

    Can you upload a screencap of your folder files and how it appears in the resource manager? Also is it just not playing sound or do you not see it in the resource manager?
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    Best Way To Implement "SFW" Setting?

    Good evening everyone :kaohi: So for context! My game has a few raunchy scenes and my friend suggested making a option for the player to toggle off "nsfw" scenes for streaming purposes. I was considering using DreamX's plugin since I'm using switches for the events but there was compatibility...
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    Help please! Adjusting Choice Font Size

    Hello Eliaquim! I think the text you sent had some plugin incompatibilities because it didn't work, but, I did try your Yanfly message core idea and made the textbox text bigger with the \{ text code. Thank you so much! I appreciate the help. :kaojoy:

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