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    Open Day (יום פתוח) - My Solo Game is on Steam after crunching for years!

    I am so happy to finally post this. My game, יום פתוח (Open Day) finally released last week on 22.6.22! Required Details: Title and Version: יום פתוח (Open Day), current version is 1.0.4. Engine: RPG Maker MV 1.5.2 Price: $15 Buy Page: Open Day on Steam! This is a solo project that I've...
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    Setting up STEAM Integration in RPG Maker MV (using updated NW.js, super high performance)!

    If you're looking for Hudell's OrangeGreenworks.js, it's here:
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    I hope this is OK with the script author, I modified the script to play the video using the BGM Volume instead of always playing on maximum volume. You can download the attached modified script. More info: I noticed the videos play in maximum volume regardless of what the user (or me) set the...
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    script call for new game?

    Sorry to resurrect your thread from a million years ago, but if by any chance you still need a solution to this, I posted my way of doing it here:
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    [RMMV] New Game Script Call

    For future reference: wanted to share a solution that worked for me. I also have a custom title screen and setupNewGame threw some errors in my case. So basically, I'm resetting the party, switches, variables and self switches in a script call: // Clear Party $gameParty._actors = []...
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    Cyclone Movement for MZ and MV

    Does it work on MV 1.5.2? (Couldn't get it to run whatsoever)
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    how big is too big?

    Best of luck :thumbsup-left:
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    RMMV "Murder Taxi" Mini-game I made using Galv's Invaders script

    Hey guys! I wanted to show you this mini game I made using Galv's "Invaders" script. Mini-Game Setting There's an area in my game which has been sealed off and left untouched for years. When exploring it, you come across this dusty old arcade cabinet with the mini-game "Murder Taxi" (There's...
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    how big is too big?

    I started with huge and ambitious maps - I didn't mind the work it would take to make them all nice with parallax mapping. Bigger maps mean a lot of content in each map, and I was OK with that as well. Having a big map can have its own advantages. However, the more you progress you make in...
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    Erase all pictures?

    For future reference, if you want to clear all images on the screen, there's a much easier way: $gameScreen.clearPictures();
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    RMMV Trying to find the duration of a sound effect. How can I access WebAudio attributes?

    I don't want to manually enter each file length - I want to program it in automatically. I know my way around events well enough, looking for a JS solution to this.
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    RMMV Trying to find the duration of a sound effect. How can I access WebAudio attributes?

    I need to get the length while the game is running because I'm using it to close the text window after a voiceover has finished playing.
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    RMMV Trying to find the duration of a sound effect. How can I access WebAudio attributes?

    Hey guys, I want to get the duration (play length) of a sound effect which is being played. I've looked into: AudioManager.playSe AudioManager.createBuffer AudioManager.updateBufferParameters I tried printing to console fields from WebAudio class, like totalTime, loopLength etc, but it seems...
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    Yanfly's Button Common Events: Binding to a gamepad?

    I was searching for this as well, but couldn't find a fix so I just edited Yanfly's plugin to include the gamepad. This is an old thread so it might not be relevant to OP anymore, but I decided to reply anyway for people who might find this thread in the future looking for a solution. I would...
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    Can't assign Escape key in Yanfly's ButtonCommonEvents?

    Thanks, but I don't want to create a menu this way, because I think it's more elegant to use BCE and actually assign the key to the (common) menu event, than to manually place another event in every single map. For now I just want to understand how to assign a common event to the Escape key...

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