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    Extremely Frustrating Experience

    So my team and I choose to use RPG MV then upgraded to MZ to build our game. Seemed like it had all the necessary tools needed for what we had imagined. so 6 months down the road we wanted to do a BETA test with a small group of testers to get opinions and when ever we patched the game with...
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    Browser deployment Error

    Hello, I been running into this error when trying to play the game via my website, it was working fine until i updated some plugins i had and now i keep getting this error and not sure how to fix it.
  3. Obipandawan

    Max Call Stack

    Could it be a plugin I am using that is causing this or will it be a variable or event that I have running?
  4. Obipandawan

    Max Call Stack

    I have been getting this error non stop, and i cannot figure out why every time i think i figured it out it keeps coming back, the weird thing is it only happens on certain maps but i cannot find anything off about the maps.
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    MZ Experience so far

    I have 128GB of ram and a i9 and I still get issues with it.
  6. Obipandawan

    MZ Experience so far

    I have mixed feelings about MZ So i have put about 250+ hours into MZ so far, and in all honestly in the beginning i was excited and optimistic about the new engine i liked the idea of using particles, i liked the cleaner more mobile friendly UI. But as i started using it more i am a little...
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    RMMZ Custom Weapon Animations

    I was too, I am also looking forward to a MZ version of augmented and synthesis
  8. Obipandawan

    RMMZ Custom Weapon Animations

    I had tried it, could not get the animations to show sadly.
  9. Obipandawan

    RMMZ Code plugin

    @Nolonar we are hosting on a amazon server we paid for pretty advanced firewall and security to try and avoid it we also planned to change the codes weekly. We were hoping to get a plugin that might read from a spread sheet that would have say in one column a code and the second a variance code...
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    RMMZ Code plugin

    @Hyouryuu-Na the issue with this plugin is i would have to make alot of common events and variables to support it, was hoping to have something made that would do the work within the plugin without having to make tons of events to do so. Also the issue doing it as events is, once someone buys...
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    RMMZ Code plugin

    Hello, The game I’m making will be hosted on my website for embedded HTML. I am adding a store in the site that will give the user a code when they buy stuff I need a plugin where they can enter the codes in and if the code matches one I programmed into the plugin it’ll adjust a variance which...
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    RMMZ Custom Weapon Animations

    Hello Everyone, This exists for RMMV but i have not seen anything like it for RMMZ, i need a script that will allow me to pull custom made weapon animations into battle i have dozens of custom made animations i made to use with Yanfly MV plugin but there is nothing like it for MZ. Yanfly MV...
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    MZ Multiplayer

    Hello, Wanted to know how hard it would be to set up a RPG MZ game for multiplayer? I was considering hosting my game it as a web browser game with multiplayer features. Was curious just how easy or hard this would be.
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    Everytime i try and download this my Antivirus flags it as "Infected web Page"
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    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    having an issue with SV battlers for enemies i keep getting this same error everytime they goto attack./

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