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  1. Could someone possibly modify this block of code to work properly? (NeMV State Resources)

    So currently, I am using a plug-in known as NeMV State Resources (which, by the way, is licensed under so modifying it is fine on the legal side... just thought I'd mention that) for my game in order to create extra skill resources. While the plug-in works mostly fine, I...
  2. Octopath Traveler Battle System (Shield/Shield Break, Weakness Display, BP, etc)

    Guessing this is a long-shot, but... does anyone know a script call I can put into "Eval on Shield Break" that will allow me to add a state to the target whose shield was broken? I'm at a loss. EDIT: Never mind, can't actually get the plug-in working anyways.
  3. Stealth System

    It's odd, this seems to work mostly fine, but I noticed that if you are in events direct line of sight (the direction it is facing) everything within that line of sight (the tiles straight ahead of the events facing) you are completely unable to be detected.
  4. Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    OH!!! Thanks for clarifying that, rofl, I would've never figured that one out on my own. I guess I suck, XD
  5. Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    I'm having problems with the NOTINTMAPS option. Whenever I add ID's (like, let's say, [006]) to the NOTINTMAPS section of the script, I receive this error when I get to the title screen. I kind of need to make sure certain maps aren't tinted, because it is otherwise weird, lol How do I stop...

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