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    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    So, I really love this battle system of yours, but I'm having a major problem with getting reinforcements to work. I've copied everything from the example project and modified it for my map, but I keep getting this error whenever the last reinforcement spawns. May I ask for some assistance?
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    {Simple Additional Database(s) Editor}

    Hello. For those of us who have projects that use a lot of one particular part of the database, whether that be enemies, actors, or classes, having an additional database that could be edited through simple plugin parameters would be quite handy. The extra spaces provided by the plugin would...
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    {MV} Plugin Request - Region Specific BGMs

    Just a possible bug report here. When exiting the airship after entering it from one region, say region x, into region y, it will play region x's BGM for some reason. Otherwise, I hope you aren't having too many issues with the plugin DaedraTalos. Hope to hear from you soon! Edit: Also, when...
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    {MV} Plugin Request - Region Specific BGMs

    For number 4, I was stupid and forgot to define the region... xD Sorry about that. Edit: When entering a vehicle, if you change regions, the game plays the default song instead of the region's song.
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    {MV} Plugin Request - Region Specific BGMs

    Sweet! I just thought of some more features you could possibly add to this plugin. 1. The region could also change the Battle BGM. 2. An image could show up in addition to the region name if a parameter is set. 3. Entering a new region for the first time could force an encounter with one of...
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    {MV} Plugin Request - Region Specific BGMs

    Thanks for including that notetag, but I believe you forgot to include it in the help file. Otherwise, I'll contact you through Discord if this plugin could use anything else. Anyways, thanks so much for the help with this plugin. I'm already finding it to be very useful. ;D
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    {MV} Plugin Request - Region Specific BGMs

    That's alright, I was planning on heading to bed soon myself. Kinda woke up earlier than I'm used to. Glad to hear you already have some ideas though!
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    {MV} Plugin Request - Region Specific BGMs

    That was a feature I thought about having in the plugin and just completely forgot to write down. Another feature I wanted was to name and display the name of the named region. Hopefully this isn't asking too much.
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    {MV} Plugin Request - Region Specific BGMs

    Cool, thanks so much for this! If I need more features added, I'll be sure to contact you. ;)
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    {MV} Plugin Request - Region Specific BGMs

    Hello. So, I'll just get right to the point here. I thought it would be a neat idea to utilize the regions in RPG Maker MV to change the BGM that would be currently playing. I've seen Yanfly's Region Events, but I think that would be a bit of a hassle to set up. I just want something that I...

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