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  • Already got map footprint and roofs covered for dynamic shadows. Time to make some polygons!
    It's important to know where to cast your minimum amount of rays (this might take a while >.<)!
    Yes. Radius.
    sqrt(ΔX^2 + ΔY^2)

    the moment you have the shortest radius, anything beyond that would be in shadow.
    use signed values to determine left or right of the light source, not absolute values.
    you need the closest point to the light, all around.... so, the moment the vertex switches sides, IT becomes the closest point displacing the previous one.
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    Only problem I have at the moment (in above example) - is that upper left sector (-x-y) closest vertex is x9y6, but it's cast away 'ray' hits the wall too soon so I'd need x8y5 vertex also from upper left sector...

    This is where performance matters...
    don't consider the walls as they come "up" the "Z" axis.
    consider always the plan footprint.
    we went over a similar problem for collisions a few years ago, in this thread.
    work with the floor plan, at least to begin with, and consider the walls later.
    So I have a question. For OcRam Core MZ, is there a way to make events ignore the Region ID that normally blocks them?
    I suggest you either ask in the plugin's thread (best) or start a new one. Profile posts cannot possibily give the sort of detailed reply you need because of the character limit. It is also not their purpose.
    Could someone help me with the core plugin?
    For some reason mine gives an error every time a message pops up.

    Uncaught TypeError: Utils.containsArabic is not a function

    I assume you mean OcRam core. Are you using MV? You must use RETRO, if MZ plugins are used in MV. See RETRO'ed OcRam demo for more info.
    You can type anything with only ([+!]) letters. I just love JS:
    const x = (![]+[])[+!+[]+!+[]]+([][(![]+[])[+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]]+[])[+!+[]+!+[]+!+[]+!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]+!+[]]; // 'lol'
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    How dare you speak like that about my mother!
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    It takes a lot of ([+!]) letters to write just 'lol' ...I might need to optimize my obfuscator...
    EDIT: ps. I will not obfuscate my plugins... this was just for fun :D
    Next OcRam update brings MV one step closer to MZ now with "speaker window" (and choice list player number)!
    Just saw your video about Map Generation. What a pity it's gone! It looked really well-made and like an excellent competitor to mine.
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    Thank you! I remember we talked something about RNG map generation while I was working on it. After I lost work and saw your Map Generator making good progress I decided not to make one :)

    But maybe some day... ;)
    Yes yes.. I remember we talked about a little bit. Time passes...
    OcRam_Input_EX -plugin is coming along nicely. Remap or just test your input devices. Enable rumble + right analog stick (to look around - optionally even while moving!). KB Layout 2 can be used in OcRam_Local_Coop for 'shared keyboard'! And much more to come!
    Working on "Map Items" and GUI for it and Input_EX to enable ALL gamepad buttons + RUMBLE (and it comes with whole new scene to remap your input devices too)!
    More diagonal and tall characters for everyone!

    Estimated release date: 2022-08-??
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    Making diagonal / tall character sheet exporter plugin (plugin name not decided yet). Supports 48 x 48 source characters (it won't replace pixel artist), but here is example of diagonal results. Is it total crap or could this plugin be releasable?
    Just a remainder: All OcRam MZ plugins are RETRO'able to MV, excluding battle plugins. But soon that is about to change! Every issue between MV and MZ has been now addressed (how they handle battles). Only final tests are pending.
    Next OcRam update includes pixel perfect rendering (on/off), full screen control, splash screen (works also as small pre-loader for title screen), on map damage and ofc much much more!
    Pixel perfect vs. smoothing (default)

    On map damage (in example damage floor)
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On the "things im remaking" department even i kept getting confused by my status grenades similarity so i decided to redo both of them, now the icons and being thrown animations are very distinctive from each other :kaopride:
I genuinely like the default MZ actor sprites, and the character creator. I think I will draw new headshots for them, but part of me doesn't want to replace the default sprites. But should I? I want to eventually release my game.
Someday, I hope they make a game where 95% of the animation budget went to turning valves and opening door animations, leaving every other animation looking like a CDI zelda cutscene.
programming at 12 years old: "I love how it works!"
programming at 18: "I love that it works."
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programming at 50: "How did this work?"

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