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  1. RMMV Default Fantasy: The Prison

    Will be trying your game, it's interesting. I'll be back with feedback tomorrow if nothing bad happens :p Some feedback ! In general , the game feels like it wasn't playtested much, but I like the hour or so that I played( could not find a way to save, I did try risky dice 100 times). Those...
  2. Free to use RPG BGM

    Love it ! Your music has a nice effect. "themed music" I would say.
  3. Sharing my Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

    Oh nice. Thanks :P I might use some in my game , even if I have a lot of stuff. I always tend to get more ressource than I need :S
  4. Request for musics and a main character.

    Thanks to Blodeuyn and Josephcow ! I mostly have have all I want , I have my 2 musician :P   I did some GIMP and fo now , I do not need something anymore. We can close this topic.
  5. Free Custom-written Music

    I aked him to help me for some musics and it did something winderful ! Better than I though it'll be. Haha ! did'nt saw commented here XD These are the only two music contributor (exept 1-2 DLC) to my game :P Blodeuyn Thanks !
  6. Kairi Sawler's Free Commercial Music Workshop!

    She did a good job for me , I did'nt gave her many details , but she succeeded to make something good.  Honestly , fit perfectly what I had in mind :P   Thanks ! I recommend her.
  7. Steam Version- RPG Maker VX Ace Not loading

    Thanks , I had the same issue. I don't like it that I need steam and all , but the 75 % sale was nice. I prefer forums than worksop :)
  8. Small request for icons

    Thanks ! I did'nt say I was'nt able to edit icons sheet ... it's preaty easy. I just did'nt find any arrows icon. It's true that I coulded try to recolor. In truth I did a lot of editing to the my icon templates ( adding and replacing how wanted ) today ... preaty repetitive. We can close...
  9. Small request for icons

    Hi, I searched a little and I have not founded want I'm seeking. I just want 2-3 type of simple arrows icon. ( with no bows ) One in grey-dark would be awesome and one normal ( wood , flint , feather* ). If you know where I can found more , could you tell me ? :) I'm too bad with gimp to...
  10. Awesome

  11. Amysaurus' Sprites!

    I'll make a demo when I'll have my first 2 demo finnished. Nice to heard , I lokk foward to make some request , since I want a wide collection of music for my game. (I will need specific themes in few days / weeks)
  12. Creator of medieval-style music - here I come

    I like your style , still doing music ?
  13. Neka Music Resources

    I love your composition ! I will use both of them in my game I think. Thanks for your work.
  14. The Glitch Rabbit's ambiance

    EDIT : was no scamm. If it's not the files said above , just ask for re-upload.
  15. Request for musics and a main character.

    EDIT : Some of the request have been fulfilled. Thanks to Blodeuyn and Josephcow I'm starting an RPG game with rpgmaker vx ace. It took me a while to understand all the basic and how to use some scripts. I have already found others things I'll use in my game ( tileset , battlers ,etc ). I...

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