Oh!? A visitor!

Welcome to my fantasy world!  


I guess you are here wondering who I am? Well if you truly wish to know then I am willing to satisfy your curiosity.

Who am I?

I am OM3GA-Z3RO, in reality I am the quiet types in society, the token guy that is in a group and says nothing while the group talks away but I am kind, caring and compassionate, if anyone have problems and wish to just let it out, I am the man to listen and not judge, also I barely show any negative emotion in front of people.

What are my likes?

Oh various things. Mainly Anime, JRPG and bacon, but there are others I love and that is a good story, a good fantasy story brings me joy, also love kittens and ah yes! cute girls, gotta love cute girls.

What are my dislikes?

Inappropriate people, I can take a few dirty things but there is always a line in knowing when to stop, I hate smokes and tough guys that think they are better than everyone.

What are my skills?

I am a good listener, I enjoy cooking up good food and do experiments on them, I have a wild imagination that is asking to be known by everyone in the RPG community..

Do I have a RPG maker team?

Indeed I do, it is small and it is still yet to gain it's own Banner, we are TOOM (Team Out Of Mana), we are only a group of 3 people right now, I am in charge of the story design, character/class design and balancing of battle design, member number 1 is my 1st partner and dear friend Wrath21, which is in charge with the Eventing, Map Designs and Variables, our last member is known as Jannetfenix, she is our tester, proofreader and assistant in balancing.

What type of games are we aiming for?

We aiming for games which are action/adventure RPGs and maybe some other genre's depending on the mood, within all our projects we intend to focus mostly on the story more, of course we will add good gameplay but a good game is always a game with a good story.

What is our current project?

The Tales that only Manah knows.

Story: 10%
Scripting: 85%
Character: 80%
Balancing: 80%
Mapping: 15%
Audio: 75%


Anime, JRPG's, oh and bacon
Mar 5, 1991 (Age: 31)
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The decisions you make is the story you have chosen - Manah




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