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  1. Elemental damage and ailment?

    Ok i see because yeah the main idea is to have 6 different magical resistances ^^ Thank for your suggestion =)
  2. Elemental damage and ailment?

    Ok thanks, i will see for these ,but for the magical defense part with custom def element,is in this plugins too?
  3. Elemental damage and ailment?

    Hello, I'am developing a classic RPG in based-turn combat and i am strugling with few problems: -I can't manage to afflict an ailment (poisoning,bleeding for example) with my character(standard attack) .I used the "chance to inflict" in a weapon attribute and didn't work but the same...
  4. Info about characters sheet

  5. Info about characters sheet

    thanks a lot ^^ Thats answers to one of mys questions =)
  6. implementing GIF as animated tiles

    So if i understand correctly i can set some effect(fire ,smoke etc) as a characters and trigger them as an event to make it appear ?
  7. Info about characters sheet

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can answers to this : Is it possible to create a personalized characters sheet(I m talking about the sheet for combat)? I've read if i want to create a character i have to follow exactly the standard battle sheet and none category has to be missing(abnormal...
  8. implementing GIF as animated tiles

    thanks for the answers^^ And if i want to use it as a layers ,for example take a part of a house ans put fire on it? I already try to use free grid doodad but an error occur everytime make ,my game crash at launch :s
  9. implementing GIF as animated tiles

    Hello People =) I have one question about an issue i get.I asked to the pixel artist i hired an animated fire(animated tiles) and create this GIF for me: I had some issues to make it work,is possible to use it or another format has to be made...
  10. Different angle for rpg maker MV

    Ok that's not a problem if its possible =) ty for your anwers ;)
  11. Different angle for rpg maker MV

    Ok so if i can do sprite especially for this front view then a little positionning , i can go like the gif i showned earlier,is that right?
  12. Different angle for rpg maker MV

    Ok i see ,i always thought that front view was for static battler only ^^'Thanks for this info thats help me a lot =)
  13. Different angle for rpg maker MV

    Yeah i know i got this dragonborn plugin,i've tested some some model made by aekashics ^^ But this artist work with spine so i will try spine too ^^ The only im sure about it ,is that spine work with rpg maker mv because this guys made some project with it and seems to work perfectly ;) But i...
  14. Different angle for rpg maker MV

    Thank you for these answers ^^ Just for you know,this game was made with an rpg maker tool but by a real game editor so they maybe alterate the code engine =p Honestly i dont know if i can put so much effort just for some animations because there are hundred and my coding knowledge is very low...
  15. Different angle for rpg maker MV

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you know how to set a different angle during battle .I want to set it like this gif,i am aware i will need character different than the regular ones ;)

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