Omega Weapon

I am Omega Weapon. I am destruction. I am...


Contrary to popular belief, the Weapons are not mindless machinations of destruction. Many are treated this way by those who summon them for their great power. We are good at breaking stuff, yes, but we are primarily tasked with keeping balance between the world of Light and the world of Darkness. If we have no reason to attack you, you are very safe around us, minus the size difference (we do watch our step!). If you see us, when we are not blowing up the other superboss in your game, just wave and smile. We like to do that too!

However, if you challenge us when we just come to visit, you will have a helluva fight. Some people think it's an achievement if you can down a Weapon. It really isn't. We just let you win, so you can feel great for a while. If we are on your world, we're just keeping balance between all of the worlds in the Multiverse. Really...



LOOK! I got PSX'ed!

I am Laura, your average Skyrim and Final Fantasy-loving Dutchie.

In my daily life I'm an ICT student, at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. Before that, I studied architecture.

This means I can (and probably will) comment on your buildings, and tell you why you would fail building technology.

On the net, I impersonate Omega Weapon, you know, that one superboss who can and will kill you with its lazors.

Either that, or when you find someone's screen name containing 'Laura' and 'lol(z)' without spaces, it's probably me.

And now I will have a discussion with my arch nemesis Shinryu on why lazors are better than nukes. See ya!

NOTE: Whenever someone is "blasted", this should not be taken as a personal attack. I role-play Omega as a summonable Superboss, and thus I'm merely role-playing here, as Dalph might need his pet somewhere. Thus most "attacks" aren't even serious to begin with!

Final Fantasy
Some art history
Nov 22, 1995 (Age: 25)
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