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    Audio Choppy / Crackly After Deployment

    I definitely should have added that I'm deploying on Mac OS. Though I'm curious, did you find a solution?
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    Audio Choppy / Crackly After Deployment

    Great questions! They are all .ogg. I've removed all of the .m4a files as I have no plans to export to mobile. Not sure if this is necessary, but...well, I did it. By restarting, I mean closing the game down, then launching it again and continuing my saved game. It's as if restarting the...
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    Audio Choppy / Crackly After Deployment

    Hello, So I'm finally at the stage where I am deploying my game to test. The test run works fine, but after deployment, the audio will start to pop / crackle / chop after playing the game for a bit. Restarting the whole game usually helps some, but the issue always comes back after awhile...
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    Major Console Error - Please Help!

    You're totally right, my apologies! I'll remember this next time. Each instance changed the speed of the Parallax's movement. This doesn't show up in the Content Window :LZSproud: So anyhow, I figured out what it was. The Event I posted actually had nothing to do with it. That Event has a lot...
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    Major Console Error - Please Help!

    Hello~ I'm encountering a game-crashing error near the very beginning of my game, any time I encounter a battle. I've isolated it down to the fact that it only occurs when a certain event (image attached) occurs before a battle. What I mean is, if I turn this particular event off before...
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    SRD Timed Attack graphic problem

    Hey, thanks for your reply! So funny enough, I actually tried this already. It seemed like it worked for a bit, then the problem came right back. Could you tell me what version of RPG Maker MV you are currently running?
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    SRD Timed Attack graphic problem

    Just realized I might not have replied to your comment in a way that would have alerted you, so trying one more time. (Forgive me for the double post, not sure how the system works in terms of reply notifications!) I've been having this same issue! I've tried a little bit of everything. Each...
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    SRD Timed Attack graphic problem

    Hey there, I've been having this same issue! I've tried a little bit of everything. Each time I feel like I've solved it, it comes back~! Did you ever find a solution for this?
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    First person battle: enemy animations.

    When you say "enemy attack animations," do you mean that when the enemy does an attack, the animation for that attack occurs? If so, where on the screen were you looking for the animation to take place?
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    First RPG game you ever played

    Phantasy Star II on the Sega Genesis! Didn't quite understand it as a kid...but certainly got me intrigued enough to continue playing RPG's after that.
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    Change Character / Enemy default battle animation to skill animation ?

    Hmm...not sure if that's possible to do exactly the way you described? You might wanna' check out Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies plugin. I know it's pretty customizible and might accomplish what you're trying to do, just in a different way. You can get the plugin here.
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    Error Message When Loading My Game

    When that window appears, hit F8 and check out the debug printout. Screenshot that and post the image here, that way we can see where the error is coming from.
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    Actor Battle Turn Indicator

    I've figured this out, so this thread can be closed now. Thanks!
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    Actor Battle Turn Indicator

    Bumping this one! To simplify my request, I'm just looking for a way to make an icon appear over a player when their turn is active in battle. Does anyone know the script to check for the ID of the character whose turn it is during battle? If I could just figure that out, the rest will fall...
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    Biud436's HUD (Multiple HUD)

    Could I ask how you made the character face image flash when their turn is active? Or could you point me to that line of code in your plugin? I'm trying to do something similar on my battle HUD, but I can't seem to figure out the script for making something happen when a character is currently...

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