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  • Replaying FF9 with my son using the very limited 2 player option. Reminded me of why I loved the old FF games. 9 sure had it's share of flaws but overall it was a good story and great gameplay mechanics (the first 2 Disc were gold IMO) What happened to the series?
    Like I said though, the ones after IX are good(excluding the XIII trilogy...please, just no. I'm not a fan of them, but if people enjoy them, then enjoy 'em), they just lack the feel/charm of IX, at least, they do for me. :3
    The ones before FF9 also lack FF9 charm... *shrugs*

    And the FFXIII trilogy IS good. Not in all aspects, but then, they are not the only ones.
    What happened to the series is that it stagnated (as many game franchises in Japan are doing) because of really stupid business decisions that have more to do with saving money than making an enjoyable product.
    Just spent 6 hours eventing out a complex Slot Machine mechanic for a Gambler Job... @.@;
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Doing RPG Maker News for 24th October 2021

I'm not sure how to do this so I'll just ask here, Wheres a good place to post your game (for free) once its done?
I don't know what I'm doing :D
So got my hearing tested to see if it was the cause of my mishearing what people say. Test showed no problems but talked with the doctor about anxiety and ADHD causing hearing issues and she agreed and also added that some people hear things differently. With my anxiety cause I am in fight or flight I pay attention to all the sounds in the area so body knows when react. Can't pay attention to one source.

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