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    Gah, have been so busy with games I went into a gaming coma for a few days XD

    Gah, have been so busy with games I went into a gaming coma for a few days XD
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    Anime/Manga Discussion

    I rarely sit down and watch many new anime series, mainly because I haven't seen any of the newier animes catch my interest <_<; I mean, I used to back in highschool, and have a massive manga collection, but I've been having issues finding something new to watch/read. My faaavorites to death...
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    The Resource WIP Thread

    I have been having some trouble with one of my main character sprites when he actually starts walking around. I used a mix of the character generator and also my own editing, but my main issue is with the cloak for this character The top row walking animations cloak is way too jarring and...
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    Favorite Old RPG

    Some of my favorite old rpgs are apart of my collection cause I only buy the ones that I really love, so it's a mighty rediciouls list of them, but here's the top five for me. Lufia II Final Fantasy IV Suikoden II Wild ARMS Star Ocean 2 Those games kinda molded what I love in RPGs and...
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    Tales of Series

    I have been struggling with either playing Graces or working on sprites for my game (as I wait for eventing tutorials which I saw someone say they're working on which is love cause I'm so newbie) and it's prolly the worse thing ever to try and find a balance. Why did they have to come out on the...
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    Tales of Series

    Doh, I never think to look at the other countries ebay when I go looking! DX I better set that up a bit higher on my list to get, it's gonna be a while before I can get another game (RPGM and ToGF? Gwaddd that's expensive) Also that's great news on the email! It's a bit of a shame that they...
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    Favorite RPG Character

    Ohhh... that's kinda hard. I have a bunch of favorites depending on the game, but I suppose to narrow it down I'll do my top five in no particular order. Kain Highwind(FFIV): When I was a little kid and I watched my mother play the game in front of me, I adored him. He was a guy dressed up as a...
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    Tales of Series

    Phoo on you lucky lucky thing you! D'X I have been attempting importing that but all my luck there has made it impossible to find for some bizzaro reason that I can't figure out. It was almost as bad as BoFIII PSP, and I only found that by pure utter luck thanks to it being at an Anime...
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    Cheers everyone~!

    A sprite shop? What's that? Is that like... a resource area here? I didn't think they where all that amazing so it's surprising to hear that thank you you two! XD Along with those animated ones, I have been working on a few other emotion sprites for my game (I haven't started on the other...
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    Tales of Series

    I just picked up Tales of Grace F and I can't wait for it to end it's installing so then I can get playing! I really adore the Tales of series, Vesparia being my favorite with Abyss elbowing in on that spot very often. I adore their way of handling the characters and their colorful designs...
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    I collect many games, as a matter of fact my collection should be pushing around 250 by now with how many great games I have been able to locate and add to my ever growing hoard of love. XD I don't collect all that much SNES, because they are hard to store, rather I like collecting PS1, PS2...
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    Cheers everyone~!

    Ohhhh goodness no. XD I have used them in the past, but I was around 15 at the time and had no idea what I was doing. I think I got to play around with any of the programs I listed for half a year and I had zero help at all. I got maybe a very small portion of a game done, I am in no way a...
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    Cheers everyone~!

    Hello everyone, I'm Omikuji or Omi for short and I preordered Ace as the third RPGmaker program that I have had in my grubby hands. I think, I think I had four...? Anyways, I'm essentually a newbie at the programs, I'm not going to lie when I say that all I did with XP and 2003 five plus years...

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