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    [Ace] Help with modifying Random Dungeon Script

    At the bottom of the post I have uploaded Saba Kan's Random Dungeon demo. I modified it so that the stairs of the first level lead to the same level. My goal is to make is so that every time the player enters the dungeon the map is recreated. By adding the following snippet below to the script...
  2. omoney

    [Ace] How do I make a script wait?

    So I have a function that does a whole bunch of stuff and then it transfers the player to another map. After the player is done transferring I need it to do more stuff. Right now this is how I am doing it: def someFunction() ~Do something here $game_player.reserve_transfer(1, 0, 0, 2)...
  3. omoney

    Sprite Reflection

    This is a useful script for completed games and want to add extra polish :D
  4. omoney

    Learning Ruby with RGSS

    If you have some programming experience I suggest downloading a script in the Script Resource Forum that seems interesting to you briefly look through it. Afterwards you should try your own implementation that does the same thing or has a few tweaks (don't just copy and paste code, try to...
  5. omoney

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    As far as I know the default TP resource goes up when you take damage. Maybe you can just have a battle event that occurs when that bar reaches maximum. I'm not sure on the details though sorry.
  6. omoney

    Saba Kan's Random Dungeon Generator 0.14

    I'm not sure but I think the author updated the script a little bit. Unfortunately I don't know what he changed the google translation is a little confusing. Can I also request that the other comments be translated? I'm not sure if they will be useful but I want...
  7. omoney

    Dungeon Reuse System

    Okay I'll try to add it in future versions. Can't promise an ETA or anything though. Rpgmaker is just something I play around with when I have free time.
  8. omoney

    Dungeon Reuse System

    Yea there is no map generation. It can be coupled with this http://forums.rpgmak...-generator-014/ for map generation. I plan on uploading a demo showing how to use them together in the future.
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    Dungeon Reuse System

    Dungeon Reuse System Dhobby Introduction This script allows you to use a pool of maps (the larger the pool the better) and have dungeons created randomly or be defined by you with a pseudo random element. Why would you want to use this instead of using the traditional transfer player to go...
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    Framerate Independence

    I think it just makes actions that are based on the number frames that passed occur more consistently across different machines that have different capabilities.
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    [Ace] How to get RPG Maker to save and load a variable?

    hm thats true. Right now I just made another class and stuck it inside a global variable and save and load that variable. I wonder which one is more efficient or the preferred practice.
  12. omoney

    [Ace] Can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

    @mobychan I chose to use a global variable because that was the only way I knew how to save the data when the user loads it later. @Gleen - I used your suggestion and it appears to be working as intended right now. Thank you. @Everyone - Thanks for taking the time to help me, I really...
  13. omoney

    [Ace] Can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

    @mobychan - yeah, forgot to type it in when posting @PK8 - I guess the error must be somewhere else or I typed something wrong and I overlooked it. I uploaded my project to mediafire. If you run a "new game" you will appear next to two npcs. Talk to the south one than talk to the east one...
  14. omoney

    [Ace] Can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

    Ok, didn't know class names had to be capitalized (it is in my game though, this was just thrown together to highlight the problem). When you tried to run the calls were they from different events? If I called them back to back they work but when I call them from two different events the array...

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