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This could probably be an entire thread, but it’s really interesting how replaying a game several years later can change how you relate to a character. I think Tidus from FFX got such a bad rap. I getchu. Completely different reaction as an adult now.
As you see, I still enjoy writing tutorials. Is there anything specific you want to see? (I know mapping and editing/resource making is usually popular, but those are very broad topics)
Well, I wanted to expand player battlers visually and now have 3 sheets and counting for each of my players party.
1. Regular sheet
2. The character has turned stone sheet.
3. Using potions sheet.

Technically the main hero has 4 since he starts with a wooden sword, and I felt that the battler should reflect that until he gets a metal one.

Right back to the RM game dev grind in about 15 minutes. :LZSexcite:
Days ago I gave someone the sage advice not to steer away from your main project or take up another one to abandon the first. After figuring a way that would save me years of development, I am forced to redo a lot of stuff on my own turf, near to remake half of what I have already made.
Somewhere down the line I must have crossed paths with bad karma.

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