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  • Am I the only one going through all of my MV DLC and copying it into ordered folders to use in MZ? So. Much. File. Organization.
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    Once upon a time, I contemplated supporting as much DLC as I could in my tileset builder. Then I regained my sanity. o.o
    Having 2 extra keys for MV on steam now, I gave one to my 4 year old who is making a dungeon and one to my 6 year old who is making a castle. Future game makers in action!
    If anyone is looking to try Effekseer and is completely lost, do yourself a favor and look up RPGTime's tutorials on YouTube they'll take about a half of an hour to an hour to watch and pause and follow along with and by the time you're done you'll be able to competently mess around with an awesome effects program. It feels like making magic guys.
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I'm proud of what I have achieved with my project. Don't mind with the Spanish, Ill add more languages.
Our garage has been so full since moving we haven't been able to get our car in. Storm night before last (no hail), storms forecast for last night & today. I convinced hubby we should clean out the garage and we managed to get it done and get the car in. Hail last night! Just in time!
Taller RTP Characters, Rewrite Dialogues w/ AI, & Simple Event AI & Shooting | RPG Maker News #37

No water this time, just trying for a majestic cliffside... The cave snuck in because I liked it. Now I guess I need a mini cave map or "secret" for it. :kaoswt:

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