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    RMMV The Orphan of Time's Battle System

    I honestly think the bigger problem is your characters. They're just very standard. I would honestly look at redesigning their skillsets, looking at what twists you can put on it, what common classes you can combine, what new tools you can give them. I do like the idea of ATB bar manipulation...
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    She Dreams Elsewhere

    Vlogs sound good to me! It'll be cool to see what actually goes into exhibiting a game at an event, and the event itself sounds great, glad to see events focusing on minority and marginalised developers. I'd love to go but can't due to being...well, on the wrong side of the Atlantic but I wish...
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    RMMV THRONE | Dark Fantasy Soulslike RPG

    @alice_gristle summed up perfectly what I was saying about colour choice, really the only areas in DS that stand out to me as dark are areas like the Tomb of the Giants or the Gutter where the darkness is a central mechanic that affects gameplay and not just atmosphere. Another game that uses...
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    RMMV THRONE | Dark Fantasy Soulslike RPG

    Assuming that the screenshots in the post are after you've tweaked the brightness...I still can't see much. I think if you choose your colour pallette correctly, you can make a game that looks dark without actually having to use and abuse lighting effects. I get it, lighting adds atmosphere, but...
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    Easier JRPGs?

    As far as I know it's just those two, the PC release of VII has some weird online setup that edits your cloud save data to boost every character's stat to max and give you 50 million gil, so it's all or nothing which I don't like as much, and if the Steam releases of III and IV are unchanged...
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    Easier JRPGs?

    Final Fantasy IX comes with boosters that make grinding a cinch. You can turn on a mode that makes every hit do 9999 damage, one that keeps your ATB and Trance bars constantly full along with your health and MP, one that speeds up the game time massively and even one that turns off the random...
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    Thoughts on To the Moon? Made in XP

    I played through it with my partner and it hit us both in a place we weren't expecting. I'm autistic, so I was seeing the difficulties of being autistic playing out in front of me. She was seeing the difficulties that can come with being in love with someone on the spectrum, seeing the need for...
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    RMVXA Help Coming up with Tiered Skill Names

    Wow, hard slur against disabled people there. Absolutely no need for that and I hope you consider doing and being better in future.
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    RMVXA Help Coming up with Tiered Skill Names

    I'm not gonna lie, when I read Gravia I totally read it as sounding like gravy and not gravity. The -avia sound just reminds me of the word avian, therefore you get gravy-a.
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    Temporarily Disabling or Hiding Items

    Glad to hear it worked! Sorry again about the mixup, I'm gonna put it down to giving advice at 3am maybe not being the best idea, daft mistakes are easy to make when you're knackered. Best of luck with your project!
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    Temporarily Disabling or Hiding Items

    Sorry, that's my bad, I can't check my program right now but try putting a $ in front of the gameSwitches text [so it should read $gameSwitches.value(12)] , from what I remember off the top of my head that's what's in mine and it works grand. That's on me, sorry about that!
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    Temporarily Disabling or Hiding Items

    If you download Yanfly's Main Menu Manager plugin you can bind the Item and Equip menu commands to switches, turn them on at the start of the game so they appear in the menu as normal, and then turn them off to hide them when you don't want the player to access them. Then simply turn the...
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    RMVXA Help Coming up with Tiered Skill Names

    For one of my projects, inspired by Dragon Quest, I'm kind of splitting the difference between DQ and the above-mentioned Golden Sun style. Generally for each spell I choose a theme, base word or sound and build off of it. Having a very tongue-in cheek feel like the DQ series helps me with this...
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    RMMV Legacy of the Lost Dragoon

    The amount of detail in that battle background map just to me. It looks more like the characters are fighting in front of a green screen with a background chroma keyed onto it rather than then actually fighting in snowy terrain. In general, battle backgrounds have a LOT of floor...
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    RMVXA HorrorVale - The SPOOKY Halloween Themed RPG [DEMO]

    @Alarkus - Aye, I realised that shortly after posting and felt like a bit of a moron. Ah well, it's a fun game, can't complain about starting over fresh!

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