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  1. Creating an Event That Resets Based on Time

    ERMERGERD! It works, thank you so much! I'll be using this to program a whole bunch of events and stuff now, yay! Could one of the moderators close this post now?
  2. Creating an Event That Resets Based on Time

    Okay... Thank you for pointing that out, otherwise I would've never solved it... but I'm still getting an error message, this time though it's one that makes absolutely no sense to me.  And I'd just like to say, thank you everyone who's still helping me, I feel like I'm wasting your time and I...
  3. Creating an Event That Resets Based on Time

    I tried typing in the code like you demonstrated Shaz, with one minor change. I made the 30 (Which I assumed was the time the event would occur in) to 1 for quick testing purposes. My event ID was 13, and the map ID 21. I'm still getting error reports though, I'll post screenshots of what I was...
  4. Creating an Event That Resets Based on Time

    @Zoltor: I know I'm going to sound dumb for asking, but what's 'Ruby'? @Engr.Shana: Do you know what the script would be called, or where I could download it? I haven't gotten a chance to work on my project since I posted this thread because of school, but do you think it would be possible to...
  5. Creating an Event That Resets Based on Time

    Okay, I'm trying to make a couple of events that happen an infinite amount of time, but have a "Cool Down" period if you will. For example: There is a maid that will cook you a meal that will restore MP for your party. However, she can only cook one meal every half hour. I know I'll need a...
  6. Help Creating an Item Trade/Craft System

    I'm actually using the Gems to channel powers of elemental Deity's, because the race of people who are fashioning the Gems cannon use magic on their own. (How do you close a thread anyway? Didn't the posting instructions just say you needed to let a Moderator know you wanted it closed?)
  7. Help Creating an Item Trade/Craft System

    I am so surprised at how many hits this thread has gotten since I've posted it, good lord! Uzuki: Your step-by-step walk-through really helped me out. I'm sure with that now I'll be able to set up a crafting book and other things. I finally managed to get a system that was very close to what I...
  8. Help Creating an Item Trade/Craft System

    I've taken a good look at the Mr. Bubble script, and am finding its interface very confusing. The directions of how to program a crafting recipe seem easy enough, however I can't seem to find a specific place to put the custom recipe... I feel like it's a very simple mistake and I should be able...
  9. Help Creating an Item Trade/Craft System

    mlogan, I checked the script section but most of the scripts are for limited trade, I need something that would be infinite. Uzuki, I looked at the script you recommended but it's not quite what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a script that would work only with an NPC and not available to use...
  10. Help Creating an Item Trade/Craft System

    I've been working on a project and have decided to incorporate an NPC who can fashion magical gems from shards of like gems (Example, 3 Ruby Shards =1 Blaze Gem) I know I could always use a conditional branch  that would flow similarly to If player has: 3 Ruby Shards in inventory then -3...
  11. How To Force A Certain Character To Permanently Party Leader

    Thanks for everyone who helped! I managed to get it to do what I wanted eventually, could an admin please close this thread?
  12. How To Force A Certain Character To Permanently Party Leader

    Okay, I tried using Yanfly's Party System, but scripts are not my strong point. I keep getting an error message and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.
  13. How To Force A Certain Character To Permanently Party Leader

    For the game I'm making, the party can have a maximum of four active members with reserve members who don't partake in battles. I want players to be able to change the party to an extent, but I don't want them to be able to change who the party leader is. Is there a way I can do this without...
  14. Help Setting Enemy Attack Conditions in Battle

    Okay, that seemed to help me with the problem, at least in this case. This display bug, does it occur in all instances of setting a move to be used at only a certain HP range? Or would it show up if I'm setting a move to be used in MP ranges as well?

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