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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Plugin: RowFormation Question: Hi! I have some trouble with the Y home formula, i don't want them to be packed depending on how much party member there's in the row with them, i want them to stay in their line ( 4 actors for 4 lines ) regardless of how many party members are in the same row...
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    GTP - Gamefall Team Plugins

    @Gamefall Team Ho no no no, i won't bother you with such things, i'm able to do it. I was asking if you accept that other people do these edits. I know that some devs do not allow people to touch the codes, that's why i'm asking you if you are okay with that. As i will just ajust some numbers...
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    GTP - Gamefall Team Plugins

    Works like a charm! Thanks you for the quick uptade! I've another question, are you fine with the "personals edits"? At this moment i'm willing to have 4 heroes -Even if i'm still thinking about 3- and the screen will be 16:9, i would like to do some lil' rows and positions adjustements.
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    GTP - Gamefall Team Plugins

    Hello, Nice plugins you guys did! I realy do like the FF7 menu. But i have a little bug, when using "game end" option, there's an error . I've tryed on a blank project and the bug is there too. I wonder if this is caused by the last patch of RMMV?

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