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  1. Can't use number in variables

    Haha, thanks.. I normally name all my vars and switches... I first used a loop, but thought that was causing the bug.. so now I did it like this.. I assumed setting any variable to zero at script head would suffice. This was a project I worked on a few years back and recently restarted it, so...
  2. Can't use number in variables

    Thanks You are a hero.. .21 was corrupted, 22 actually stretched my textbox.. I cannot find where it assigned .. but .. those both were broken.
  3. Can't use number in variables

    I make websites and applications for a living... Therefor I have a certain logic in coding, which I understand myself. Now my issue is this: I first declare a variable in a COMMON EVENT. Make sure it is set to zero. Then I add +1 .. which would make it an integer with 1. I run it, the game...

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