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    Cyclone Maps - Overlay, Tile Size, Region Names, Region Collision and a lot more

    Hudell found the issue in a different thread of mine ( Looks like you have to assign a switch to control the fog to get it to work.
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    RMMZ Cyclone Maps: getting fogs to work

    That worked! That's a relief, thanks for the assistance.
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    RMMZ Cyclone Maps: getting fogs to work

    Tried that out, but unfortunately it looks like it still isn't working. I should mention that the other overlays are working fine. Ground and Para overlays appear and work normally (haven't tried light or shadow yet), it's just fogs that are giving me the problem.
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    RMMZ Cyclone Maps: getting fogs to work

    The link above should lead to a zipped sample project with the info. Here's a new copy of the link in case the above one doesn't work
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    RMMZ Cyclone Maps: getting fogs to work

    Still hoping to figure out this issue. I've tried creating a completely fresh game with only the cyclone plugin, but I still can't get fogs to work. Here's the link to the test game if anyone wants to take a look and let me know what I may be screwing up: The plugin mentioned that it was...
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    MZ blurring animation images

    So, I'm trying out some custom summon animations in MZ, which are largely kitbashes of various visual elements, including some simple monster image pngs. However, it seems like MZ is noticeably blurring these pngs. Which seems like a problem not just for this particular implementation, but...
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    RMMZ Cyclone Maps: getting fogs to work

    I'm trying to do some parallax mapping with the Cyclone Maps plugin and I'm running into issues with getting fogs to work. Ground and Parallax settings work fine. Both image types appear without any issue at all. It seems to only be fogs that are the issue. I put the <FogName: fog6> (the name...
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    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    I'm working with the event core and I'm using the <label: text> notetag to make an icon appear over an event. I'm using <label: /I[n]> rather than the <icon: x> tag, because of the option for <label range: x> to make it so the label only appears when the player is next to the event, serving as...
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    I have used it in game. Blurry is probably a better description, overall, but there's a bit of pixelation as well (might be the result of some of the shapes being used). The main reason I'm trying to push it to work is because these are mostly animation packs that I had already paid for back...
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    Gotcha. Unfortunately these are some long sprite sheets and efekseer seems to have trouble loading them if I enlarge them more than x2 or x3 and the final results are still fairly pixelly. hmmm...Does anyone happen to know the size of the default image node in efekseer? I'm wondering if things...
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    Artbreeder is great for easily generating art

    I'd suggest being a little careful with things like artbreeder. It's theoretically creative commons, but the original material is uploaded by the users and can (and definitely does) include copyrighted art, so it's entirely possible that the final product is recognizable as the original...
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    I took a look, but I can't find any settings that seem relevant. The Recorder doesn't seem like it would be involved, isn't that for exporting the file as an image? I'm saving this as a effekseer file in order to use it in MZ, so I don't think that would be involved (correct me if I'm wrong, of...
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    So, I'm trying to import some MV animation sheets into Efekseer effects. I've got the basic process down, but my issue is the size. After turning a sprite-sheet into an effekseer file and everything positioned in the proper game folders, I go to test things out and the animation proves to be...
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    Selecting the correct character/damage frame

    Main problems with that is that's going to lead to a huge number of switches. I think there's a function in one of the visustella plugins that'll let me manipulate a self-switch in the event. But neither of those work if I want to do something like show the Player's sprite being knocked down...
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    Selecting the correct character/damage frame

    I can only imagine it was a feature that was intended at some point, because obviously several character sprite-sheets only work if you have that ability. Maybe it just got lost in development at some point. Which sucks, because I quite liked that the generator provided a variety of...

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