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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    I'd appreciate some thoughts on this map, it's one I struggled a bit with and I'm still not sure if it looks quite right. The "trees" are actually meant to be branches pushing through the soil (hence the pile of dirt at the base). There will be context to communicate that to the player, but I...
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    How to make a platform with no walls?

    I think both of those run into the problem that if the player tries to walk around the platform, they'll find the invisible walls. The only way I know to get it to work so that it stops them precisely at the edges is to actually create a new tileset using duplicates of the tiles you're using...
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    I need help to create a sword effect

    Mmm...what about this: Troops featuring the enemy should have an event that triggers when that enemy's HP falls to 0%. This event increments a variable by 1. All troops have an event which checks at the start of each round if the player has the weapon equipped and the variable is greater than...
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    Making Cutscenes "Personal": What Do?

    I think the part I bolded here might be one of the key challenges you're dealing with. Short games (meaning, really short games, like under an hour) can be a fun experience but it's very difficult to create an emotional investment. Assuming a 50/50 split between communicating character...
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    Screen_Animation ver. 1.0.2

    That worked perfectly! Thanks so much for this tool, it's really helpful.
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    Screen_Animation ver. 1.0.2

    Hmm, I tried it out but it doesn't seem to affect the speed of the animation. I tried it at 1, 2, 4 and even 8 but it looked like the animation played the same either way.
  7. oriongates

    Screen_Animation ver. 1.0.2

    I'm referring to the battle animation rate in Yanfly's plugin, highlighted here: It's also fine if it doesn't work out, I can stick to shorter animations for non-combat scenes, which are mostly what I'll be using the plugin for.
  8. oriongates

    Screen_Animation ver. 1.0.2

    This is really useful, but I am wondering if there's any way to increase the animation speed or to make it work with the animation rate in Yanfly's Engine Core? I've got that set to 60 FPS currently, but it looks like this uses the default 16 FPS regardless of the Core Engine settings.
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    Changing animation size on the fly.

    This looks like it could work really well, thanks! Just a heads up, I see from that thread that you corrected a typo (originally had "ainmation" instead of "animation") in the script, however the typo is still present in several of the example commands. I only mention it because I ran into some...
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    Changing animation size on the fly.

    Is there a plugin out there that will let you adjust the scale of an existing animation? There are several animations I would like to have a bit bigger or smaller (for instance, creating different-sized animations for small sprites like SV actors vs big sprites like SV enemies) but it's...
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    The Creator's Legal Clinic: Advices and Explanations

    I'm curious about something, is it permissable to use sourced quotes? Obviously anything old enough is in the public domain either way, but is there a legal way to use a just to pull an example out of my butt if I wanted to show this as part of a game's intro: "Get busy living, or...
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    SRD Summon Core - Force a skill?

    If you're trying to do something like emulate ff7 summons, wouldn't the summon be the skill? Just make the appearance of the summoned creature part of the skill animation. Ideally, you'd probably use something like action sequencing in order to hide the player battlers while the summon is...
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    Lasers/Drawing a line from battler to monster?

    Hmm, the only option I can find otherwise would be using the Action Sequence Impact plugin linked above. Since animations are fixed in the system it's not possible to designate a start and end point for the core animation beyond it's position relative to the battler's head, feet, center or the...
  14. oriongates

    Lasers/Drawing a line from battler to monster?

    You could potentially use action sequencing (Yanfly's action sequence packs) to move the attacker and target to specific points on the screen and create an animation that causes the laser to shoot from point A (the attacker) to point B (the target). You'd also probably want to hide the other...

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