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  • Why brain, I was gonna sleep and now you start thinking about stuff to do in RM? AAAAAAAAAAA.
    And if it wasn't enough I hate that my pc case has RGB. It's shut down, yet still doing stupid patterns. I hate it to death. I turned it off, but that only affects while the pc is on.
    So I have to bear with stupid lights on my face while trying to sleep. Same lights I turned off because I never pay attention to them anyway.
    RPG Maker XP
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    RPG Maker XP!
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    For people that do any kind of annotations on paper, concept art or whatever, how big is your pile of stuff ATM? I can't stop finding MORE AND MORE, my house has been taken over by RPG Maker sketches AAAAAAAAAA HELP!
    There is some MZ cover characters DLC, right? Also is there gonna be like a complete version of all character sets? Actor 3 1-4 are missing, and I love them. :'C
    I got the last word in the JS Obfuscation thread. I am the winner. B) just kidding, that thing is nuts! Please stay away, too much drama. Not healthy.
    Solitude: Oekaki 01

    This was supposed to be more like a reminder than anything, but anyway I'll share my thought.

    I often think about ways to make multi-layered maps. Not only mean to graphical layers, but, like, a map with different elevations.

    For my RMXP game for example, what I did was the same I did in RM2k3 back in the time I used that (now I own it because I still love it). Changing tilesets on the fly whenever the character passes by a certain place. The thing is that this both works and doesn't. It works for the player, but events get screwed, so I can't put roaming NPCs since they not only get stuck but also display wrongly if a tile above them changes its priority so it shows under them. Instant teleportation (?).

    So I was thinking about it, and then I thought, what if I merge two maps? I could display two tilemaps at the same time, one for each elevation level, then make the player transfer itself between one and the other level. It's displaying and running two maps at once, one above the other. It should be possible, but the performance will take a huuuuuuge punch in the face.

    Another way would be to display them both, yeah, but managing them as one, so when the player goes up a level, what changes is the set of passabilities it takes into account (there are passabilities for each level). then I give it a Z offset so it displays correctly over the tiles it should. Thing is, I would need a lot of time to plan ahead these maps. But seems doable! Pretty much all I need is to make the logic part and remake these maps.

    But all this is going to the thoughts pot, since I can't delay this game anymore. Maybe for a next one? That's why I wanted to make this thing, to leave this stuff here and look at it later. So, laterer me!
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    Hime made a script for Ace that allows you to display two maps at once, as an upper and lower layer.  IIRC the lower layer was just for show - you couldn't actually walk around on it.  I don't recall if the events of the lower map were displayed - I suspect they were.  It'd be a good script to check out for ideas/possibilities.  It MAY have even been called "multi layered maps" or something like that.  I could also just be guessing at that ;)
    Yeah, I remember that one. I wonder if what Hime did was building the map as a bitmap (kind of the thing map dumpers do to write them into PNGs and stuff), then showing it as a sprite or a plane, like a regular panorama. It was not necessary to interact with the bottom layer, and don't know if it supports animated tiles for example.

    But thanks a lot for the reminder :^D.
    My mind has buckets of flesh. This is food for myself.
    Clever bot hates me.... T_T ...also, thats gross...can i have some?
    Sure, I have lots.
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