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    RandomTitle Music Snippet

    Thanks for the plugin
  2. Otakuhn

    RPGMaker MV Vocaloid Busts

    All im saying is that it will be expensive and not as high as quality please remember expensive!?
  3. Otakuhn

    RPGMaker MV Vocaloid Busts

    No one here that I have seen has that level of skill and even if there was they would never do something like that for free , it would take hours and hours , not  just one more then 5 and for more then 80 or 100 dollars most likely much more per character.
  4. Otakuhn

    Goddess Sprite sv battler faceset

    So like a battler thats a goddess? that looks akin to the displayed image? have you tried using the built in generator for rpg maker?
  5. Otakuhn

    RPGMaker MV Vocaloid Busts

    Anime style is still broad lol 
  6. Otakuhn

    RPGMaker MV Vocaloid Busts

    Which vocaloids? there are tons out there....
  7. Otakuhn

    Goddess Sprite sv battler faceset

    Thats a difficult request , your expecting this animated yes?
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    Holy , and Demonic Battlebacks

    Resource Type: (Battlebacks) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (Serious , Pixeled) Old Church - Request Description:  ( Medieval Church made of cobblestone red torches  ,  red candles , red flames atop torches womanly stone statue in background) ( Cryptic Version of Church still made of...
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    Experience Buffs

    Alright , so can this be a permanent buff unless canceled out by another?
  10. Otakuhn

    Title System

    That would be ideal , titles make games awesome , Slayer of Gods , One man army etc etc 
  11. Otakuhn

    Experience Buffs

    There are ? I didnt find any ... perhaps you could link me to them?
  12. Otakuhn

    Text Based Battle System

    While I know that this request may sound daunting , I would like this request to be looked at , I am looking for a battle system to be made with minimal graphics except a parallax background and detailed information regarding each combatant , here's an image of what I desire the screen to look...
  13. Otakuhn

    Title System

    Ooh , nice work around , is there anyway to apply visual effects to the titles like make them glow , and or change there color maybe apply backgrounds to the titles like in call of duty like a dog tag kind of thing?
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    Experience Buffs

    In some games when you are in battle , or out of battle you can do an action and you get awarded a buff , what I want is a buff where you will be granted increased experience gains and have it act as a buff that hovers over the battler graphic and over the bust sprite in my game. Ideally, I...
  15. Otakuhn

    Title System

    In some games, there's a mechanic in games where you can get bestowed titles and these titles provide bonuses . Like Relentless would increase the agility stat or the quick learner title would increase experience gain . I was wondering if anyone could create a plugin where you can have...

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