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    Combat: What You Look For

    I personally look for a variety of options and abilities on the player side of things. The more valid options I have in any given fight, the happier I am. This is also beneficial for enemy and boss design in that the more options the player has, the more 'unfair' features you can use freely...
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    They're fun.
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    RMMV The Unborn Daughter (Last Updated: 31/12/2021)

    I know I've been radio-silent for a few weeks. It's been a weird time of my life. Over that time period I quit my old job and am (hopefully) starting a new one. Lots of other stuff too. Anyway, this is just a general notice to say that I've begun personally playtesting the new content! Look...
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    Battle Items

    You could take a note from Dark Souls (and Sekiro and Elden Ring) with its Estus Flask mechanic. It's an elegant little thing that basically reduces healing item busywork to nothing. That said, using it in a turn-based rpg will require some balancing work on your part.
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    Opinions on Save Scumming - Let the wisdom flow!

    The main obstacle to save-scumming is that it's honestly kind of a pain in the butt to do it. That's why you see people saying that they do it most often when playing with an emulator, where saving is easier than anywhere else. The kind of hypothetical feared save-scumming brought up by...
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    Opinions on Save Scumming - Let the wisdom flow!

    1) Not me personally. Whatever happens, happens. This is less a personal choice and more about me not being very rigorous with my saving in the first place. That said, I remember doing it against a specific bossfight one time in order to avoid having to restock my consumable items between tries...
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    Design Mistakes You Can't Stop Making

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    Wake up honey, it's time to open RPGMaker and blankly regard it for a few minutes before closing...

    Wake up honey, it's time to open RPGMaker and blankly regard it for a few minutes before closing it again.
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    Things you're proud of in your game

    I'm proud of the blue magic system, which I started in ignorance of more complex blue-mage specific plugins. It's comprehensive, applies to every skill in the game and prompts a unique set of dialogue for each skill. And by extension of that I'm proud of all the related systems that help make it...
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    Your view about the warrior class/job

    A 'warrior' can be just about anything. Just because they don't have magic abilities doesn't mean they can't have abilities. In fact, the difference between a supernatural magic power and an ability that a warrior might have is literally just a matter of fluff. For example: A priestly...
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    Bards: Are they really that useful?

    Bards are typically buff/debuff style classes in rpgs they show up in and that is usually quite powerful, particularly for prolonged fights like bosses. That said, if you've got a character who focusses entirely on that they'll probably feel a little weak in normal shorter fights where buffs and...
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    Element-specific triggers

    It was probably just screwing with a plugin.
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    Is there a way to make armor or weapons unremovable?

    There should be a 'Lock Equip' property that you can put on the Actor in question. Or on the equipment, if he doesn't start with it.
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    Element-specific triggers

    No, actually. Even after fixing my doofy mistake with the square brackets, that Custom Establish Effect code doesn't seem to do anything. It doesn't crash the game or anything, it just doesn't make anything happen. I tried your way instead, with the common events and that did crash the game...
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    Element-specific triggers

    Oh, I'm a doofus! I always forget to remove the brackets in these cases. Thanks!

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