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    Menu Screen Layout Resize

    Didn't fix my issue :/
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    Menu Screen Layout Resize

    Thank u tale!
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    Menu Screen Layout Resize
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    YEP Item Core & Moogle X Equipment Learning - Window Issue

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue, using YEP Item Core and Moogle X Equipment Leanring Plugins, in combination with dsScreenLayoutSize Plugin, which resizes the width/height of the menus. By default, without the resize Plugin, both YEP and Moogle work fine. With the screen size set to...

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The more I look at the QPlugins... The more I am amazed at what they can do. Which I'm not going to lie is pretty awkward, because I already consider them far and away the best plugins MV has to offer. :kaoback:
spending a week trying to figure out what was wrong with my font has me DED
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