My name is Owltears, you can call me Owl if you'd like. I would one day like to learn to read a second language.... like Japanese, Korean or German.

I like to draw and doodle so often I make battlers in my spare time, and used to post them here.

I plan to make games in both RPG Maker ACE and MV. I am working on one currently which I've so far called "Honey Moon" When I get it at least 50% done I'll post about it! edit: The idea is on the back burner as I work on new puzzles and map ideas for it.

I use both RPG Maker VX ACE and RPG Maker MV so I lurk around those boards more then the other forums. I am more proficient in RPG VX ACE as I've had that system since 2013. I'm learning how to use the battling part of the engine.

If you need any help I can gladly try to help to the best of my ability!:kaopride:

I am a lurker, so even though I do not post, I read almost anything in the new post tabs to see what's up. I often pop up here on my day's off.

I make battlers and working on making more resources in the future. I am free for requests!

I like to read, watch videos, and play games a lot, which inspired me to work on my own games and ideas. I am part of a team with my husband, together we plan to make games in both RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker VX:ACE. He only uses MV while I use both engines. Before I met him I never finished a game before, however since I've known him I am getting better at getting closer and closer to finish my games!:kaopride: edit: Its been like 6 years and still nothing complete...

P.S. I love the little Kaomoji's they are very cute, so sorry if I use them a lot, please let me know and I'll tone them down.
July 1
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I want to draw more and make something but I'm tired fom work and stress....I just want to create man...
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Idk anymore man
I make Battlers and play games


If I mess up this signature one more time I will eat a sock.



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