Hello! I'm OwMeEye, I played with rpg maker 98, 2000, 2k3, vx ace..., make your own estimate as for how long. Not so much of the others (a tiny bit of XP, but it's barely worth mentioning)

I felt like starting something completely new so, this year I'm learning to voice act a bit, gaining a pretty-sounding voice, and speaking to the crowds, so, follow me on my twitter and youtube

I also played with wolf rpg editor, flash, html5, unity... a little bit.
Haha, I also know some ruby and javascript and some other languages...
I can also draw, pretty well, I mainly use sai and photoshop, but also used gimp and inkscape, inkscape is pretty cool for vector art. Pixelart is cool but it takes too much time to draw. If I know you, I might share one thing or another, but I probably won't.
I know how to use blender, a bit, I like blender, but my pc doesn't like it, cause it's an old pc.
I mostly try to use open source and free stuff.
I can make music, I'm ok at it, but I'm no pro.
I can also write stories, but I'm not good at writing long stories.

Haha, I'm sure it all sounds very unlikely to you, and I'm not sure if I even want to prove it. Depends on how much I will enjoy this forum.

Then again, who else will tell you about how certain combinations of musical tones sound good because their frequency waves overlap? That's harmony for you, consonance and dissonance. How about harmony in color theory? If you create contrast between elements, it is more interesting to the eye, and more contrast brings out depth of field... But there is also contrast in music. How about programming, once upon a time I didn't know arrays were pointers, the headaches that caused me, oh boy, and then there's OOP, the horror... Want to talk about writing, how about we enter the area of worldbuilding, I like a mixed approach, but I like to start with top-bottom , start with the universe, physical rules, planets, then ecosystem, culture.... Or maybe you are interested in the story-driven vs character-driven writing dilemma? I can discuss over many topics... 3D? uv mapping? Oh my, it hurts, probably won't discuss that one haha. But, I'm getting off-topic.

I'm pretty good at some of the above, and so-so at the rest. I also used to visit renpy forums a lot (also know some python), but under a different nickname. I can do many things, but that is a story for another time and another place, and I don't feel like sharing it, sorry.

There are always better people, but I'm pretty ok. I'm a bit of a weird recluse, but I decided to change things up this year, for what it's worth, so I made a youtube channel where I shall make all kinds of videos and train my voice. Had a bit of a rough start, but I'm pretty satisfied with my voice now.
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