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  1. Resource Not Found?

    Thanks for the reply, sorry that I didn't reply sooner. "Do you have a firewall, and could it be blocking XP?" No firewall, so it can't be that. "I wonder if the "Offline Manual Unlock" in the lower left corner has anything to do with it. Where did you purchase it originally?" I purchased it...
  2. Resource Not Found?

    I purchased RPG Maker XP a while ago and had no issues. However, I bought a new computer and downloaded it on the new one only to receive this when I enter my product code and email address: How do I fix this? I would really like to get back in. Thanks.
  3. Unable to Download Product

    Thank you for your reply. The URL I bought it from was this: I am fairly sure this is the correct store. I bought it from the Products tab on the main website.
  4. Unable to Download Product

    I have just recently bought RPG Maker XP. Although, I cannot actually download it due to a fault in the site. Whenever I click download, it comes up with this error: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. ")...

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