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    Depending on how many artworks you need, I may be able to help you. But Kato-A is right that you need to post in the classifieds section...
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    Padramyr reacted to UncleThomson's post in the thread Simple Follower Control Plugin with Like Like.
    This plugin allows to transfer, turn and move followers. It adds three plugin commands: The following plugin command transfers a...

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Rpg MZ looking good! Not much of a fan of the graphics for world tiles, but love the changes for sprites and movement preview!
Before I am done with even one game, I am going to need Psychiatric assistance after doing all these sprites!
Still I am improving, Spriting not mental fortitude.
It's still early days, and I was going to keep this under wraps until development is a bit further along, but I'm just so damn proud of how robust the integrity-checking in this plugin is that I have to share it.
Do you think the new RPG Maker MZ has support for Android devices ?
JDgoldvox wrote on Mr. Detective's profile.
hey, could u help me with a problem? basically, How do I delete a character from a map after a cut scene is over? I am really new with RPG maker MV. Please help!

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