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    What Age You Would Choose For your Characters on Your Maker Game?

    Usually I chose to have my characters be adult. Normally young adults in thieor 20s or early 30s. But I have been known to use whichever fits the story I'm trying to tell.
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    Plugin Maker thread : what's your plan for RM MZ?

    I’m not a coder, but I would love to see 1) a crafting system 2) a relationship system, not nessecarilt for romance, I just like the idea of building relationships with the people in the world. 3) skill tree. I love being able to choose skills from a skill tree, so an easy was to add that in...
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    Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass

    Personally I enjoy hidden badasses to be just sort of bumbling cheerfully along sort of clumsy and for the other characters to constantly assume that when they win a fight or do something cool it’s just luck before they find out the truth. Or for the cmhb to be doing it deliberately. In a very...
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    Why does this have to come out when I have no hope of buying it. So devestated, because it is so beautiful! Maybe one day. lol
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    What is your favorite rpg game?

    Final Fantasy series, especially 3, 6 and 13. Infinite undiscovery.
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    just watched spacex launch. was awesome.

    just watched spacex launch. was awesome.
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    What are different societal creature races in your game?

    @Kupotepo Lol. Dragons had the ability to take a non dragon form through their magic, and in my world all dragons are genderless until they find someone they could mate with (then they take on the gender that will allow them to procreate). Those first few generations were a very confusing time...
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    What are different societal creature races in your game?

    Goblin: the first race of the new world, created by the angels and reapers as a last ditch effort to get the goddess of life to take notice of this new world through her grief. As such are embued with their determination and desperation to be something worthy of notice. Humans : the first race...
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    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    Sorry about this but I've been trying to use your wonderful skilltree in my project. I've copied everything over to my project added a new tree, but everytime I go to open the skilltree remotely (through a crystal) it comes up with cannot read property 'actorid' is null. I'm not sure what to do...
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    Does gender changes when changing classes bother you?

    why not just have all the human classes by male, the elf race classes all female, the orc race all male, the dwarf race all female. that way you still get all your classes, and it self explains why the gender changes, you know the elf is female, therefore when you switch to human you know hes...
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    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    @Felski thank you! This is perfect for me!!!!
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    Kid sprite problems

    Then your good to go. Personally speaking I wouldn’t overanalyse the situation. The packs you buy from kadokawa are usually good to go for any game, it’s more resources for other people where you have the issues. just make your game and enjoy making it. If it doesn’t come outright and say...
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    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    Hi, out of curiosity, can the skill tree be used with the regular size MV window or does it have to be the wider window?
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    Phew, redoing maps is so much fun. I'm making the base in Gimp, decorating it in the editor...

    Phew, redoing maps is so much fun. I'm making the base in Gimp, decorating it in the editor (because I'm using Ace tiles in MV). Finally things are starting to look good!
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    What's your one favorite thing about RPG Maker Engine?

    Which RPG Maker engine is your favorite? XP for the tilesets and music, which I adore. MV because it's screen is so much bigger and it can do everything Ace could and maybe more What one thing about the engine do you enjoy most? What I genuinely like the most about RPG maker engines full...

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